Seperate the metal frame from the actual lcd screen on umi super?

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Seperate the metal frame from the actual lcd screen on umi super?

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I have an umi super. I have already replaced my screen once.  I just bought a screen already attached to the frame and installed it.  But now when i go to buy a screen all the listings say that they are for one number or the other and you have to look on the lcd to see the number.  My question is how in the world are you supposed to seperate the metal frame from the lcd to be able to see the number.  To me it looks like it's one piece.  I have 2 different screens and they both look exactly the same.  Every manufacturer that i have talked to says the same thing.  look at the bottom of the lcd screen and there is a number and they circle it on a picture.  But the indicated place is behind the metal frame.  Has anyone every removed a frame from the lcd.  If you have can you tell me how you go about it.  It looks like  a hook ring system but when you go to try and pry on the the rings or to depress the center theres nothing to grab.  I don't see any seems and even the smallest paper thin pry tool i have can't find a place to wedge in between. It really seems like 1 piece.  I looked at both of the screens i have and they are both the same. One is an original the old kind and the other is the new ones that require drivers in order to use it.  Look i would appreciate any helpful tips from someone who has replaced their screen. Especially anyone who had to mount their screen onto the metal frame.  

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Use the hairdryer and suction cup. Increase temperature of screen with hairdryer and then put suction cup on top or bottom of screen then pull.Here is full thread about replacing Umi max screen so please read and look in to links. ... thread&tid=5857

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