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UMIDIGI F3 Series Launched Today

2022-5-9 18:36| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 844| Comment: 0

Summary: UMIDIGI F3 Series Launched Today: Sony 48MP Camera, Strong Chipset Large Memory, 5150mAh Battery and More, Starting at US$129.99HIGHLIGHTSUMIDIGI F3 series launched today, full ready for the premiere ...

UMIDIGI F3 Series Launched Today: Sony 48MP Camera, Strong Chipset & Large Memory, 5150mAh Battery and More, Starting at US$129.99


  • UMIDIGI F3 series launched today, full ready for the premiere of F3, F3S and F3 SE on AliExpress on its fan festival 2022 sale.

  • The new devices come with premium photography, powerful performance with large memories, big battery and affordable prices.

  • UMIDIGI has prepared some new smartphones as free gifts for their fans to warm up the fan festival.

UMIDIGI confirmed the new F3 series will come at its fan festival 2022 on AliExpress last week, and finally the company officially launched this amazing lineup today. As the successor of the top-selling F2, the new F3 series comes with 3 variants, F3, F3S and F3 SE, offering more choices for customers. The new devices will go on sale on May 19, so let’s see whether they will be a major hit to the industry and whether you should wait to buy them.

Introducing UMIDIGI F3 Series

All members of F3 series share the same dazzling matte finish and 3D curved edge design, which makes them look so thin and sleek. Without a doubt, the F3 is the most powerful device among them which comes with an Helio P70 CPU with 8GB RAM plus 128GB large storage. And it is equipped with a 5150mAh battery and 18W fast charging, so it can provide longer support than most devices. It features a triple camera system, including a 48MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera and a 5MP macro camera. On the front, it has a 16MP selfie camera and a 6.7-inch ultra-large display, allowing you to take clear photos with high resolution and present what you captured on a stunning screen.

For higher security and more convenience, UMIDIGI F3 series all comes with an independent shortcut key and integrates the fingerprint sensor onto the power button. And they support almost all net bands of different regions, precise positioning system and headset-free FM radio, ensuring you are with connection wherever you go.

As different products, there are some differences among them. The chipset of F3S and F3 SE is Unisoc T610, and they have a smaller RAM and Storage, 6GB +128GB and 4GB + 128GB. Another difference is that only F3 and F3S support the NFC function, so you’d better choose from them if you need this function. In addition, the F3 SE comes with a dual-camera system, including a 20MP main camera and an 8MP ultra-wide camera.

F3 Series + A13 Series, the Shining Gemini

After launching the F3 series, the company also raised a new concept – Gemini Series of F3 & A13, on the basis of similar but slightly different designs, trying to create a marketing concept of a best-selling combo to win the greater smartphone market. Both two series feature a dazzling matte back finish, but the F3 series features curved edges while the A13 series features a flat-edge design. Therefore, the similarity and difference between curved-edge and flat-edge perfectly show the combination of rigidity and softness, Yin and Yang, dynamic and static, bringing customers a double enjoyment of visual and tactile. Without exaggeration, this unprecedented innovative Gemini concept will shock the industry and lead the company to the next level.

UMIDIGI F3 Series Prices

The F3 series will go on global sale on AliExpress on May 19. The F3 is listed for US$179.99. The F3S is priced at US$159.99 and F3 SE is priced at US$129.99. Besides, customers can also place orders for F3 with big coupons and get free smartwatches during the fan festival.


In addition, UMIDIGI is running a global giveaway on their official Facebook page, where 3 winners can get the new F3 for free. If you are interested in this product or you want one for free, you can go to their Facebook page to learn more and join in.

UMIDIGI F3 VS F3S VS F3 SE - Full Specs Comparison






Android 11


6.7-inch, 1650x720


AG Matte Composite Finish


MediaTek Helio P70, Octa-Core

4xA73, 2.1GHz

4xA53, 2.0GHz

Antutu Benchmark: 224k

Unisoc T610, Octa-Core

2xA75, 1.8GHz

6xA55, 1.8GHz

Antutu Benchmark: 187k


8GB + 128GB


6GB + 128GB

LPDDR4X + eMMC 5.1

4GB + 128GB

LPDDR4X + eMMC 5.1

Rear Camera

Sony 48MP Main Camera

20MP Main Camera

8MP Ultra Wide Camera, 120°

5MP Macro Camera


Front Camera



NFC Support






18W, Type-C

10W, Type-C


Side-fingerprint Sensor + AI Face Unlock

Special Function

Independent Shortcut Key

Headset-free FM Radio


Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth 5.0


Global Bands


LTE-FDD: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28A/28B/B66

LTE-TDD: B34/38/39/40/41

Positioning System


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