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FM Radio on Your Smartphones: An Overlooked But Necessary Supply

2022-3-24 23:38| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 758| Comment: 0

FM Radio on Your Smartphones: An Overlooked But Necessary Supply, Especially in Emergencies

When telecommunications fail due to a plane crash, natural disaster or war, the FM radio on your phone may be the only and best emergency supply to save you.

FM Radio - An Overlooked but Essential Function

Smartphones are developed quickly in this Internet age, integrating more and more new and useful features. To meet the new needs of users while making a phone lightweight and thin, most manufacturers remove or are intended to remove some functions that are less used. From physical keyboard and FM Radio to replaceable battery and 3.5mm headphone jack, these functions ever common used are disappeared gradually. However, these functions are necessary for some situations, especially the FM radio. How does FM radio save someone in an emergency and what smartphones with headset-free FM radio are recommended? Let’s check it out.

What is the Significance of FM Radio in the Internet Age?

People all around the world send and receive via the internet in 21 century basically. Recently, various wars, natural disasters and traffic accidents break out frequently. Taking the Russia-Ukraine war and Tonga volcano eruption as examples, when telecommunications are cut off by tech giants or destroyed by disasters, people in these areas are hard to obtain the latest info about the situation, transfer methods, shelters, and even basic supplies and weather information. How to survive? The neglected FM radio will be the only lifesaver.

The FM radio receives messages via wireless radio, which has the characteristics of a wide radiation range, extremely low environmental dependence and ultra-high reliability. When wars and natural disasters occur, television, mobile networks, electricity and other facilities are often greatly damaged, people quickly lost contact with others. Oppositely, with the help of FM radio, relevant experts and departments can quickly issue instructions to rescuers, deliver important information and care to the victims, and help more people survive. In fact, in many developed countries, such as Singapore and Japan, it is advisable to prepare an FM radio at home.

Recommendation for Smartphones with Headset-free FM Radio

Shall we prepare an FM radio in case of emergency needs? As a matter of fact, the FM radios on sale are often too big and heavy to carry around every day, and the best way is to integrate the function into a smartphone. However, to save interior space, most smartphones with an FM radio function have no built-in antenna, so users have to use wired headphones to listen to the radio.

Although there are countless smartphone brands all around the world, only UMIDIGI, a fast-growing tech company, is taking care of users' needs in some special situations. Such as the company’s latest smartphones UMIDIGI A13 Series(A13 Pro, A13 and A13S), A11 Pro Max and their hot-selling rugged smartphones BISON GT2 5G, BISON X10 Series(BISON X10, BISON X10S NFC, BISON X10G NFC), all of these devices have a built-in FM radio module and antenna. Even stay in extremely harsh environments, you don’t have to worry about losing contact with the outside world, the communication base stations failure or any complex operation to turn on the radio, because the FM radio on each UMIDIGI device can be listened to without earphones and mobile data, so that people in trouble can obtain the latest information they need and be rescued in time.

All in all, because of its particularity in emergencies, we shouldn’t abandon the FM radio which is disappearing gradually. Maybe all of us need to buy a UMIDIGI phone because it can increase the possibility of survival if we are in an emergency.

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