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New Members of BISON X10 Series Unveiled

2021-12-7 22:59| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 436| Comment: 0

Summary: New Members of BISON X10 Series Unveiled: UMIDIGI’s Cheapest Rugged Smartphone EverHIGHLIGHTS:UMIDIGI will launch a lower-end BISON X10S and X10G series of its X10 series.BISON X10S series has the sa ...

New Members of BISON X10 Series Unveiled: UMIDIGI’s Cheapest Rugged Smartphone Ever


  • UMIDIGI will launch a lower-end BISON X10S and X10G series of its X10 series.

  • BISON X10S series has the same stylish design as BISON X10, and the BISON X10G series has the same look as BISON X10 Pro.

  • UMIDIGI is running a global giveaway to warm up its new models and welcome the upcoming Christmas and New Year.

Consumers are now more interested in rugged phones that bring the best mix of specs and design than phones that are just rugged, since UMIDIGI launched its first stylish rugged phone BISON X10. As a brand best known for its budget and mid-range smartphones, UMIDIGI plans to take the first step in the budget rugged phone market and its first try, UMIDIGI BISON X10S and X10G series has been revealed, aiming to bring consumers durable, practical and cost-effective products. The new smartphones are tipped to launch in late December with a starting price of less than 100 US dollars.

According to the posters on the company’s official website, there will be four new members of the BISON X10 series, namely BISON X10S, BISON X10S NFC, BISON X10G and BISON X10G NFC. The new models continue the design of the X10 series and only have a few differences in detail. The BISON X10S series have the same stylish matte fiberglass back cover as BISON X10, and the X10G series has the same rough rubber back cover as BISON X10 Pro. Except for the back cover, both the X10S series and X10G series feature rubber cushions and metal frames, and they all come with a water-drop full screen.

The main specs have been leaked by the UMIDIGI Official Store on AliExpress. As a budget rugged smartphone lineup under $100, the BISON X10S and X10G make almost no compromise on specifications like processor, camera, battery and so on, but still sports the similar specs of other brands’ mid-range products.

To bring consumers a better performance at a lower cost, the new models are all featuring the Unisoc T310 processor which is processed by TSMC 12nm process. And they come with the same 6150mAh battery and 6.53-inch large screen as the X10 series, and have a triple rear camera system. In addition, as a member of the rugged phone family, the BISON X10S and X10G series also support IP69 and IP69K rating waterproof and dustproof, and passed the MIL-STD-810G military standard test that supports up to 1.8m drop-proof.

Looking through the full specs of the new models, we can find that the only difference between the X10S series and the X10G series is the design, while there are more differences between the normal version and the NFC version. Besides the NFC module, the BISON X10S NFC and X10G NFC have a larger built-in storage and support side fingerprint unlock.

What kind of smartphone under $100 can we buy in 2021? We, consumers, are always forced to make a choice between high performance and low price. However, the BISON X10S and X10G tell us a new story that we can own durability and high cost-effectiveness at the same time. To warm up the upcoming new devices and welcome the upcoming Christmas and New Year, the company is globally giving away 10 units of the BISON X10S or BISON X10G. If you are interested in the products or you’re willing to win the prize, you can go to their official website, official Twitter, Facebook page, YouTube and TikTok to join in and learn more about it.

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