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UMIDIGI A11 Comes with A Premium Design

2021-4-27 21:30| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 284| Comment: 0

Summary: UMIDIGI A11 Comes with A Premium Design You've Never Seen on Android Smartphones (Giveaway)HIGHLIGHTSUMIDIGI A11 comes with a premium design with a flat-edged metal frame and matte glass back.The A11 ...

UMIDIGI A11 Comes with A Premium Design You've Never Seen on Android Smartphones (Giveaway)


  • UMIDIGI A11 comes with a premium design with a flat-edged metal frame and matte glass back.

  • The A11’s matte glass back is processed by AG technology, bringing an all-new visual and tactile experience.

  • UMIDIGI A11 is expected to be launched globally in early May.

UMIDIGI A11, the upcoming new budget smartphone of UMIDIGI‘s popular A-series, has been announced to launch globally soon. This week, more pictures of the A11 have been revealed, showing more information about its design and specs.

UMIDIGI A11 Will Feature An Iconic Flat-edged Design

Compared with the previous generations of UMIDIGI’s A-series, the A11 has made great changes in appearance. The A11 features a flat-edged metal frame similar to iPhone 12 series. This flat-edged metal frame makes the A11 thinner and more recognizable. Meanwhile, it is also suitable for holding even equipped with a big screen.

AG Matte Glass Back on A11 Brings An All-new Visual and Tactile Experience

The glass back of UMIDIGI A11 is processed with AG technology, which is also used by Apple, Xiaomi and Oneplus. Traditional glass can provide a crystal clear or mirror-reflective visual effect, and it feels delicate when you touch it. But when using phones with traditional glass back, it is inevitable that you will encounter problems such as residual fingerprints and scratches on the surface. AG glass is also called anti-reflective glass or anti-glare glass. Processed by this special AG technology, A11’s matte glass back becomes anti-reflective, improving anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch performance, while retaining the delicate touch of the glass. Moreover, UMIDIGI A11 also adopted the stylish big LOGO design boldly, making the owner become the protagonist in the crowd.

Design Is Not the Only Change in UMIDIGI A11

From the pictures of A11, we can see there are lots of changes in other aspects. For the beauty and unity of its matte glass back, the A11 integrates fingerprints into the power button. In addition, the A11 will feature a triple camera, and it will also feature the same infrared temperature sensor and independent shortcut key as the A9 series of UMIDIGI. However, more specifications and performance of A11 have not yet been unveiled.

In addition to warming up its new smartphone, UMIDIGI is giving away 10 units of UMIDIGI A11. From the end time of the giveaway, we can find that A11 is expected to be launched in early May. And UMIDIGI also giving away 100 units of UMIDIGI AirBuds U, a TWS earphone that seems to be released in the near future. If you are interested in UMIDIGI A11 and the other new products, you can go to UMIDIGI's official website to get more information and join in the giveaway.


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