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UMIDIGI A9 Pro Features an IR Temp Sensor But with Better Specs

2020-9-11 05:06| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 816| Comment: 0

Summary: The Upcoming UMIDIGI A9 Pro Features an IR Temperature Sensor As UMIDIGI A7S, But with Better SpecsHere is how the phone like A7S measures body temperatureHIGHLIGHTUMIDIGI A7S is an entry-level smartp ...

The Upcoming UMIDIGI A9 Pro Features an IR Temperature Sensor As UMIDIGI A7S, But with Better Specs

Here is how the phone like A7S measures body temperature


  • UMIDIGI A7S is an entry-level smartphone with a built-in infrared temperature sensor, opening global sales at just $69.99 on Sept 21.

  • It’s easy to track changes in your body temperature with A7S.

  • Not only the infrared thermometer, but the A7S also offers many good specs in its price range.

  • The upcoming UMIDIGI A9 Pro with better specs will also feature an IR temperature sensor.

Fever is one of the major symptoms of COVID-19, and that’s why non-contact infrared thermometers are used commonly in many places today. UMIDIGI’s latest entry-level smartphone UMIDIGI A7S has attracted the attention of the media and the public with its ability to measure body temperature. Under the global sweep of the coronavirus and economic recession, the phone A7S with a built-in infrared thermometer is helpful for everyone in this period, with a price point at only $69.99 from Sept 21.

What is the infrared thermometer sensor on a phone?

There is an infrared temperature sensor that is integrated into the rear camera system on the UMIDIGI A7S. How does it work? Objects in the natural world radiate infrared energy autonomously all the time, and the infrared temperature sensor on the A7S measures human body temperature by receiving infrared energy emitted by the human body. 

How to measure body temperature with UMIDIGI A7S?

Compared with traditional mercury thermometers, it’s safer and easier to measure someone’s body temperature by using the infrared thermometer on A7S. Like the Honor 4 Play Pro, all you have to do is launch the app and hold the phone steadily ahead of somebody's forehead. After a few seconds, you can get the body temperature data. 

UMIDIGI A7S is a good entry-level smartphone, besides the infrared thermometer feature

Overall, UMIDIGI A7S is a great entry-level smartphone. Apart from the infrared thermometer module, A7S also features a 6.53-inch large full screen, a 13MP ultra-wide triple rear camera system, and a 4150 mAh big battery. UMIDIGI A7S will start global pre-sale on September 21 at only $69.99. If you are interested in this smartphone, you can add it to the cart on AliExpress and get it at the best price on September 21.

The upcoming UMIDIGI A9 Pro will also feature a temperature sensor, but with better specs

The successor of the UMIDIGI A7 Pro, the A9 Pro will also feature an infrared thermometer sensor, according to a new leaked poster. Besides, we can see that the A9 Pro is equipped with a quad rear camera system, which contains a 48MP main camera, a 16MP ultra wide-angle camera, a 5MP macro camera, and a 5MP depth camera. For selfie, A9 Pro comes with a 24MP Sony selfie camera and also features a rear fingerprint scanner. Currently, more details about this smartphone still have not been exposed. If you are interested in the A9 Pro, you can go to their official Facebook page to learn the latest information.

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