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UMIDIGI UFit Launched at Only $29.99

2020-3-17 01:15| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 881| Comment: 0

UMIDIGI UFit Launched at Only $29.99 with A Big Feature Apple Watch is Missing

  • UMIDIGI just launched a new smartwatch called the UMIDIGI UFit, and it will go on global sale at only $29.99 on 27th March.

  • UMIDIGI UFit has one important health feature the Apple Watch lacks - Blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring.

  • The blood oxygen (SpO2) level is an important indicator of health, and Apple is also developing the blood oxygen monitoring feature.


As teased before, UMIDIGI is making a smartwatch called the UMIDIGI UFit, and today it got revealed in full. It has a new important health feature -- Blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, which Apple Watch doesn’t have. The UFit will go on global sale at only $29.99 on 27th March.



The blood oxygen (SpO2) level is an indicator of health. Blood oxygen levels between 95 and 100% are considered healthy; blood oxygen levels below 80% may lead to compromised heart and brain functionality. And for coronavirus that people are concerned about, one of symptoms is the low blood oxygen level. 



Big-name wearables Fitbit and Garmin already have the blood oxygen monitoring with SpO2 sensor on most of their devices, and however, Apple is reportedly planning to add blood oxygen monitoring to its smartwatch this year. So it’s good to see UMIDIGI also jumped in and made this health feature such affordable for everyone.



The UFit has a 1.3-inch color screen with stainless steel design. It does typical smartwatch things like 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, fitness tracking, remote music control, and so on, and it’s water resistant to 50 meters. The watch is also said to be good for 10 days of regular use on a charge. 



The UMIDIGI UFit will be available globally at the discounted price $29.99 on 27th March. If you’re interested, you’d better add it to cart first on AliExpress, in case missing the first sale discount.


Lastly, to celebrate UMIDIGI Health Month, UMIDIGI is giving away 5 units of UMIDIGI F2 and 15 units of UFit. You can see all the details and join the giveaway on their official website.


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