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Smart Cable Uline with LED Display and Timer + Giveaway 500 Units!

2020-1-23 02:48| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 955| Comment: 0

UMIDIGI Launches a Smart Cable Uline with LED Display and Timer – Giveaway 500 Units!

It’s been proven that charging the phone overnight shortens the battery life much sooner. If you’ve ever worried about the overcharging, UMIDIGI’s new smart cable Uline lets you make sure the power is off when fully charged, without waking up at midnight. UMIDIGI Uline is a smart USB-C cable with LED display and timer, and it will go on global sale at only US$6.99 on 12th February. And UMIDIGI is running a 500 winners giveaway for it!

Timer Schedule to Power off, Extend the Lifespan of Your Battery

You can use the timer function in UMIDIGI Uline to create schedule from 1 - 10 hours to automatically stop charging. No worry about overcharging any more and prevent your battery from aging. 

Real-Time Voltage and Current Monitoring

If you want to know if your phone charging properly or if the new charger work well, the Uline meets your needs. The display in the Uline can alternately display the USB charging voltage and current, and you don’t have to pay more for an extra USB meter.

Here’s more info about the UMIDIGI Uline:

  • Durable tangle-free flat cable, stretch resistance

  • Thick copper core wire for fast charging, up to 3A output current

  • High-speed data sync, can reach 480Mbps.

  • Available in 2 colors, Black and Red

Price, Global Sale Date and Giveaway

The UMIDIGI Uline global sale will start on 12th February, at first sale price of only US$6.99. And UMIDIGI claims it will have Uline in stock then and ship it out fast. You can add the Uline to cart now in case you miss the discounted price. 

Lastly, in order to improve the user experience, UMIDIGI is running its biggest giveaway ever to recruit 500 trial users for UMIDIGI Uline. You can check out all the details about the Uline and join the giveaway on their official website.


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