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World’s First Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker with Smart Clock

2019-9-4 09:11| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 283| Comment: 0

UMIDIGI Uwake Launched!

Want a Bluetooth speaker double as a nightstand lamp and alarm clock? UMIDIGI Uwake is here for you. The Chinese manufacturer UMIDIGI today launched the world’s first colorful Bluetooth 5.0 speaker with smart alarm clock -- Uwake, following its recent hot-selling smartphone UMIDIGI X and true wireless earbuds Upods. And UMIDIGI amazes us again with such an affordable price for the Uwake, just US$19.99 on AliExpress when it’s opening sale on 11th September. 

UMIDIGI is known for its affordable smartphones with good value but UMIDIGI is more than a smartphone company, which is also offering many kinds of smart devices. The Uwake is a fresh take on a multifunction Bluetooth speaker and what they're capable of.

First and foremost, the Uwake is a Bluetooth 5.0 speaker. There’re buttons at the side of the device that connects it to your smartphone and you don’t need the extra app to control it. With the Bluetooth speaker part, the Uwake can be used to play your smartphone's audio, whether it's music, podcasts, audiobooks or videos. The Uwake comes with a 52mm dynamic driver, the bass is thick and powerful as well as the overall audio quality is pretty good for the price.

The Uwake doubles as a lamp and alarm clock. There are 7 kinds of color atmosphere lights and 2 lighting modes. You can cycle through the colors and lighting modes by the buttons. And also as an alarm clock, the Uwake supports simulated sunrise wake-up alarm function to give you a better way to wake up. It supports 3 levels of brightness and can wake you up with a glow of soft light, meant to mimic the rising sun, and slowly get brighter. 

In addition, the Uwake can also be used to help you fall asleep. The device has built-in 6 kinds of sleep-themed music and you have choices of birds, rain, waves and other relaxing sounds to help you sleep better.

It's nice having the multi-functional Bluetooth 5.0 speaker Uwake which doubles as a colorful lamp as well as loud alarm clock on your bedside table that actually wakes you up. As noted, the UMIDIGI Uwake will start global sale at only $19.99 on AliExpress on 11th September. It’s a limited offer so you’d better add the Uwake to your cart first.

Lastly, the interested users can even get it for free as the company is running a big giveaway to recruit 10 trial users for the Uwake. You can learn more details and join the giveaway by heading to the official website here.

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