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UMIDIGI’s New True Wireless Earbuds: Upods

2019-7-30 08:45| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 290| Comment: 0

Tiny and Sleek Design!

Upods will be launched on August 5 with UMIDIGI X

Not only focusing on smartphone development, UMIDIGI is also expanding its smart devices fast. After releasing the new-gen of smartwatch Uwatch2, our company is going to launch the true wireless earbuds (TWS) Upods on August 5, the same day when UMIDIGI’s first in-screen fingerprint phone UMIDIGI X will also be announced. A new render of the Upods just landed, so let’s take the first look at it.

Like many true wireless earbuds, the Upods are a pair of tiny in-ear plugs that connect to your phone via Bluetooth and come with a charging case that makes sure they stay juiced up and ready to go. On the body of the headphone, the Upods have a professional, clean and all-around sleek design, looking decidedly earpiece-like. About the charging case, it has a small size with round edges and corners, which should be a pocket-friendly box. 

The Upods is alleged to be the world's smallest 24h lasting wireless earbuds, and its price will be no more than US$30. Other specs are still unknown but what we confirm is the Upods will be launched with UMIDIGI’s next smartphone UMIDIGI X on August 5. We expect more specific specs and price to be revealed in the coming days. Lastly, if you want to be among the first to get the smartphone UMIDIGI X, the company is giving you a chance to win its future smartphone here.

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