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UMIDIGI Uwatch Functions Exposed

2018-11-20 05:12| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 672| Comment: 0

Summary: After launching the highly anticipatedUMIDIGI A3andUMIDIGI A3 Pro, UMIDIGI also unveiled their latest smartwatch and it is called the UMIDIGI Uwatch. However, after thepresentationthere is little info ...

After launching the highly anticipated UMIDIGI A3 and UMIDIGI A3 Pro, UMIDIGI also unveiled their latest smartwatch and it is called the UMIDIGI Uwatch. However, after the presentation there is little information to show how to use the Uwatch. But now there appeared a dedicated official video, in which demonstrated the Uwatch in daily life. Let’s take the first look.

Unlike a smart band, the UMIDIGI Uwatch looks more gorgeous in many angles. It has a nice-looking design with a traditional circular dial. Need to point out the Milanese Black smart bracelet design, the magnetic attraction works comfortable and perfectly on your wrist, it just looks cool.

The Uwatch is your technology assistant, here are some reasons. The gorgeous Uwatch displays not only the current time, but it also notify you of incoming phone calls that you can reject or accept, it can show you messages and all notifications from any apps in any situation. In order to see the time, you just only need to turn over your wrist. You can set a goal for your training, it will remind you to take exercise. Once you reach the goal, It will remind you with a winning cup. It can help you count your steps and calories, monitor your heart rate, draw your sleeping pattern, forecast the weather. You even can decide the presentation way of the Uwatch by DIY the wallpaper. That function is not supported by most of the smart band, but the Uwatch is closer to your demand.

Packing a 180mAh big battery, the UMIDIGI Uwatch can be safely used for 7 - 10 days with a single charge and 25 days for standby. The Black Friday will come soon, the UMIDIGI Uwatch can be purchased at $29.99 right now at Gearbest from 19 Nov. to 25 Nov. Further information right here.

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