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UMIDIGI Z2 Pro VS Huawei P20 Pro (Video)

2018-8-16 01:49| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 939| Comment: 0

Summary: Do You Need to Pay More for a Flagship Phone?Three times the price means three times the quality? Absolutely not! UMIDIGI Z2 PRO shows why!We’ve seen how UMIDIGI improved its game during this year: t ...

Do You Need to Pay More for a Flagship Phone?

Three times the price means three times the quality? Absolutely not! UMIDIGI Z2 PRO shows why!

We’ve seen how UMIDIGI improved its game during this year: the progress made by the Chinese company regarding build quality, materials used and software development are now being recognized more and more by users worldwide, so the reputation of UMIDIGI has never reached such a high level as today! Our company is aware of it and we are very confident that our next product, the UMIDIGI Z PRO, will be the best flagship ever released by UMIDIGI. And that’s not the usual claim, we firmly believe that, the Z2 Pro will be the best cost-effective flagship out there, offering very good specs at an incredibly reasonable price.

In the short comparison video released by UMIDIGI, you see the Z2 PRO next to the Huawei P20 pro, a phone which costs 3 times the UMIDIGI’s one, but it’s really worth 3 times more? Let’s find out!

Build quality

Both phones have a flagship-grade build process, and feel really premium in the hand. On the front, both of them feature a FHD+ display with the notch. The Z2 manages to reach a smaller bottom bezel thanks to the rear fingerprint scanner. Z2 PRO sports a luxury Ceramic variant along the popular Twilight Gradient one and a new Carbon Fiber version, while P20 PRO offers the same Gradient color, but a plain black one and a midnight one. The UMIDIGI Z2 PRO applies a symmetrical design of the cameras and the fingerprint sensors, while the P20 Plus has borrowed the “Apple style”, with off-center cameras.


Both phones offer first class shooting options: UMIDIGI chose a dual setup with two 16+8MP Sensors, with an aperture of f/1.7, Huawei’s flagship uses three cameras with 40+20+8MP with f/1.6 aperture, so the P20 Pro has the edge here, but let’s not forget the 1000$ vs 299$ price tag, and we are also very anxious to see how the Z2 PRO will perform, since it will also use improved algorithms paired with top SAMSUNG sensors. We are pretty sure we won’t see 3 times worse photos, but a close competitor!


Both Smartphones come with Android 8.1 Oreo, but they use 2 different approach: UMIDIGI chose the ANDROID Stock Experience, for a system free of bloatware, fast, stable and open for user customization, while Huawei used their own skin, called “EMUI”, which brings a more customized experience, so it’s just a matter of tastes here.


The Z2 PRO takes the lead here, since it comes with both wireless charge and Quick Charge through cable, while the P20 Pro only offers Quick Charge through cable, although being slightly faster.


Obviously, the P20 Pro has a more powerful SoC, but both phones have been extensively tested with lots of apps and games on play store and they both perform very well in all the assigned tasks, the P20 Pro gets the edge on the most demanding 3D games, but the Z2 PRO with its Helio P60 under the hood is pretty capable of running most of the new games without any hassle.


That’s the Z2 PRO really shows how it’s done: for 299$ it’s able to offer an extremely well-rounded product able to go toe-to-toe in many aspects with the 1000$ flagship P20 Pro, and even offering some extra features like the wireless charge and the luxury Ceramic Variant.

Are the Extra HP of the processor and the triple cameras enough to fork 700$ more, if you can find an affordable and well-rounded device with very good performance, premium materials and top build quality at 1/3 of the price? UMIDIGI doesn’t think so and really believes in its product, labeling it as “A Flagship for Everyone”.

Global sales for Z2 PRO is open at GearBest from $299.99! The time is limited from 13th Aug to 19th Aug with an up to $60 off.  Snap now and Learn more about UMIDIGI Z2 Pro on its official website right here!


UMIDIGI Z2 Pro versus Huawei P20 specifications

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