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7 Reasons to Buy UMIDIGI Z2 Pro

2018-8-15 08:28| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 1594| Comment: 0

Summary: The new UMIDIGI flagship phone is finally here. UMIDIGI unveiled its UMIDIGI Z2 Pro model, declaring “technology pioneer, notch flagship.’’ The design has big changes by applying now-popular notch ...

The new UMIDIGI flagship phone is finally here. UMIDIGI unveiled its UMIDIGI Z2 Pro model, declaring “technology pioneer, notch flagship.’’ The design has big changes by applying now-popular notch cutout and  three gorgeous variants, luxury ceramic, twilight and carbon fiber!

Since now UMIDIGI Z2 Pro's global open sales are exclusively starting at Gearbest with up to $60 off, here are 7 reasons that may encourage you to buy the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro.

1. Helio P60 AI Processing Unit

MediaTek’s latest, most advanced and highest performance Helio P60 SoC (System on a Chip) is first time globally available in UMIDIGI Z2 Pro. The eight (4 x ARM Cortex-A73 + 4 x ARM Cortex-A53) processor cores offer a 60% higher performance but – thanks to the 12nm production process – with even 12% lower power consumption, compared to the previous generation of the Helio P series.

2. 128GB Storage & 6GB RAM

The UMIDIGI Z2 Pro features 128GB fast storage (ROM), something that you normally can find only in much more expensive high-end flagship models of famous brands. Now it’s available for you at a more affordable price with the rare option of expanding your storage by an up to 256GB micro SD card.

The 6GB RAM is something more than enough for any task you can imagine, while a high performance multi tasking is also ensured. Thanks to the dual-channel, 1800MHz LPDDR4 RAM chips, your apps or web pages will be loaded fast and run smoothly anytime.

3. Quad Camera with Big Aperture

The dual 16MP + 8MP back and front camera configurations are built with flagship quality sensors (S5K2P7 for the back and IMX371 for the front) used in high-end (and expensive) smartphone models of some well-known brands. Thanks to the F/1.7 aperture, low light conditions don’t mean any issues, while the big 1.12μm pixels ensure even sharper and more detailed pictures.

The dual cameras on the back of the phone enables real-time depth of field (bokeh) calculations. When preparing to shoot any kind of picture or video, UMIDIGI Z2 Pro can auto-detect, process, display and record HDR images in real-time - allowing you to see exactly what you’ll shoot.

4. 19:9 Full-FHD+ Notch Display

Thanks to the new notch screen design, almost 90% of the front surface is covered by the screen, creating the best body- to screen size ratio. Your 6.2-inch screen Z2 Pro still remains as pocket friendly as a 5.5” screen device. With the Full HD+ resolution IPS LCD screen you can enjoy a superior color gamut, sharp and detailed picture that make viewing photos, watching videos or playing games more fascinating than before.

5. Introducing UMIDIGI Q1 with 15W wireless fast charging

One of most attractions UMIDIGI Z2 Pro is that It supports dual fast charging, specially 15W Qi fast wireless charging, which is fastest in the world. The wireless charging pad made available for UMIDIGI Z2 Pro and UMIDIGI One Pro can be also used for charging other Qi compatible phones. UMIDIGI Z2 Pro could be fully charged within 70 minutes via 18W fast cable charging while within 100 minutes by 15W fast wireless charging. Keep charging simple and fast, even when your hands—and day—are full.

6. Eye-catching Colorful Glass or Solid yet Elegant Ceramic Body

If you are bored of those black and gray phones and wants something more exciting, UMIDIGI Z2 Pro is for you. The gradient Twilight color will surely attract your friends around you or on those boring cloudy days just a glance at the back of your phone will make you happier. The Carbon Fiber variant looks sturdy and adds a professional feeling to your smartphone. By choosing the Luxury Ceramic edition (made of real ceramic) an impressively elegant design, but also a smooth in hand yet highly scratch resistant surface. The Ceramic is so hard that almost nothing but diamond can leave any signs on its surface. So scratches are something that you don’t have to care about anymore.

7. Stock Android 8.1 Out-of-the-box

The UMIDIGI Z2 Pro is shipped with Google’s most up-to-date Android 8.1 system without any modifications or added junk software. No pop-up messages of pre-installed apps that you never use, no unwanted apps running in the background to just use battery power and reduce the performance of your device. You can just enjoy the freedom and simpleness of the clean Android 8.1 system, or you can customize it as you wish.

The UMIDIGI Z2 Pro is one of the best Android phones you can buy right now. It needs to point out that this is a global open sales large event, lasting until 19 Aug. If you snap it now, the dispatched time is from 1 - 3 weeks. You can check all specifications UMIDIGI Z2 Pro at official website or snap up UMIDIGI Z2 Pro now right here!

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