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7 reasons why UMIDIGI A1 Pro is worth buying

2018-4-12 06:37| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 2006| Comment: 2

Summary: 7 reasons why UMIDIGI A1 Pro is worth buyingLooking for a new smartphone which can serve for a long time and reliable, but it will not cost like your entire salary? We have a great option for you - th ...

7 reasons why UMIDIGI A1 Pro is worth buying

Looking for a new smartphone which can serve for a long time and reliable, but it will not cost like your entire salary? We have a great option for you - the newest UMIDIGI A1 Pro with an interesting design, great features and cost only $100. Consider why UMIDIGI A1 Pro will be a good purchase for you or your loved ones? There are 7 reasons for this.

Full-screen design

With a popular full-screen design and an aspect ratio of 18:9, UMIDIGI A1 Pro allows you to be distinguished. Also, the 5.5-inch smartphone fits into a more compact package, which is commonly used for 5-inch models. At the same time, the screen occupies 85% of the front surface. In addition, the back panel has a brilliant appearance and is originally different from many other faceless models. The rear panel resembles glass, but is made of a more durable material.

Excellent performance

Despite the fact that UMIDIGI A1 Pro is an affordable smartphone, it has excellent characteristics that will please its owners with high performance and smooth operation. The heart of UMIDIGI A1 Pro is the latest processor from MediaTek, the MT6739 with a frequency of 1.5 GHz, supplemented with 3GB of RAM. This combination provides high speed and excellent response of the system.

Double camera

On the back of UMIDIGI A1 Pro is a dual camera. It includes a main 13-megapixel sensor and an auxiliary sensor with a resolution of 5 MP. The camera is complemented by aperture lenses with aperture F2.0, auto-focus and flash. Thanks to this setup, the camera is able to perfectly transfer the details of the scene being shot. Also in the camera, the bokeh effect is realized - background blur on the photos.

High autonomy

UMIDIGI A1 Pro has a battery capacity of 3150 mAh, which supports a whole day active use without question. But that is not all, thanks to the Quick Charge function, you can fully charge the device in just 2 hours.


In addition to the traditional fingerprint scanner, UMIDIGI A1 Pro has Face ID to detect user's biometric authentication. It can recognize owner and unlock the screen by scanning face. In this case, other people cannot deceive the system with your profile pictures. So the data in the smartphone is protected from unauthorized access.

Additional trivia

While many manufacturers blindly follow questionable fashion and produce smartphones without 3.5 mm audio jack, UMIDIGI decided not follow the trend and put the convenience of users at first place. So the UMIDIGI A1 Pro is equipped with a traditional headset mini-jack. Another surprise is FM radio, you can listen to the radio without connecting to the internet.

In short, UMIDIGI A1 Pro supports two SIM-cards, global LTE bands, Dual 4G VoLTE, universal USB Type-C port and OTG. It is worth to mention,

the Type-C USB port is rare even in many flagship smartphones. As we believe, "a useful technology is created for everyone, Type-C, fast charging is born for everyone." Finally, a protective cover and a display film are included in the box. You do not have to spend extra money on them.


Despite all the advantages mentioned above, UMIDIGI A1 Pro is an affordable smartphone, its original price is $139.99, within the pre-sale period (1 week), it can be bought for only $99.99. Global pre-sales of this wonderful gadget started from April 9 at 10:00 (GMT + 3) in official UMIDIGI A1 stores on Banggood and AliExpress. But that's not all, the first 50 buyers who place orders on Aliexpress would receive an additional discount and will be able to buy the UMIDIGI A1 Pro for only $50. So hurry up to place a preliminary order for a smartphone and get this wonderful model with a significant discount!

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