UMIDIGI C2 - The One-Handed Pocket Friendly Flagship Unveiled

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Summary: UMIDIGI C2 - The Pocket Friendly Flagship Unveiled
UMIDIGI C2 - The One-Handed Pocket Friendly Flagship Unveiled

If you always wanted to have a small-size smartphone, that doesn't hang out from your pocket and is easy to operate with one hand, then it is time to step forward without compromise. UMIDIGI C2 offers great performance, high-end features and exceptional battery life built in an easy-to-grip metallic smartphone.

7000 Series Aluminum Unibody

The casing is made from durable but still light weight, 7000 series aluminum, that's 60% lighter than the standard aluminum while it's even lighter, and as an outer material it looks elegant and feels pleasant to the touch. An eye-catching symmetric minimal design that offers perfectly comfortable use from the beginning and fits any environment.

High-capacity 4000mAh Battery - Unexpected Battery Life

UMIDIGI C2 is powered by a large-capacity 4000mAh battery, and coupled with UMI OS optimisations, it guarantees up to an average 18-day standby time or a 2-day-long average usage. So now you can enjoy movies, launch various apps, and play games without worrying running out of juice.

SHARP® Original + CORNING Gorilla Glass 4 - The Toughness In Crystal Dispaly

UMIDIGI C2 features a high color-saturation 95% NTSC gamut SHARP display, with 17% better overall color saturation for a richer viewing experience. Whether you're looking at photos, watching videos, or using exciting apps, UMIDIGI C2 delivers vivid colors. With 5" FHD SHARP display in hands you will feel more comfortable, and softer edges giving you a very good grip. Comes with front 2.5D curved glass that feels smooth when you tap or swipe your fingers across the screen.

Powerful Octa-core together with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage - Unexpected High Performance

UMIDIGI C2 is built with MediaTek's MT6750T, which outperforms previous solutions in terms of power-efficiency and performance thanks to its Octa-Core CPU based on Cortex A53 cores clocked at 1.5GHz, enabling smooth running under high-volume performance. The 4GB RAM is more than enough to run multiple or memory hungry apps without struggling, while the 64GB storage (can be expanded with an up to 256GB microSD card) is enough to store many hours of musics and videos or a great bunch of even the largest games. You can enjoy high-end games, multi-page web browsing and a complete multimedia entertainment without any hassle. Performance and power efficiency both are in your hand together.

Original Samsung High Speed Camera - Unexpected Photo Quality

Take gorgeous group photos and scenic shots with the new UMIDIGI C2. It is equipped with a 13MP camera that captures sharp and crisp photos. UMI OS intelligently classifies them based on date and is even able to detect if it is a panorama or a single scene shot. So now you have a handy companion to help you take, edit, and save those memories that are meant to be kept forever.

Advanced Front Touch ID - Unexpectedly Fast Unlocking

UMIDIGI C2 integrates the new-generation fingerprint security algorithm to achieve further improvement of recognition speed, recognition rate and security details. Benefiting from optimized design of the structural space, the iconic Home button is completely embraced in the slim body of UMIDIGI C2 without compromising the smooth interaction experience

UMIDIGI C2 is going to be officially launched on 24th July. Stay tuned :)

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Here UMIDIGI have shared their latest model mobile phone version UMIDIGI C2. It is a one-handed pocket-friendly that will not hang out from our pocket and is easy to operate with one hand. This will be very helpful for those who planning to buy a new phone.
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Umidigi is a Chinese Mobile Phone firm based in Shenzhen City. Umidigi mainly designs smartphones and is known for its low-priced devices . Here they have shared about the latest model UMIDIGI C2, One-Handed Pocket-Friendly Flagship. I think this is great news for those who are planning to buy a new set.
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I need to know thw FCC ID code for Umidigi C2.. It´s URGENT!!!

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