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UMIDIGI C NOTE 2 Premium Specs, 4000mAh 2-Day Battery Phone Launching

2017-7-7 13:56| publisher: UMIadmin| Views: 2231| Comment: 0

Summary: UMIDIGI C NOTE 2 Premium Specs, 4000mAh 2-Day Battery Phone LaunchingUMIDIGI is going to launch a brand new product on 5thJuly, a device that packed with Octa-Core, 4000mAh battery that supports up to ...

UMIDIGI C NOTE 2 Premium Specs, 4000mAh 2-Day Battery Phone Launching

UMIDIGI launched a brand new product on 5th July, a device packed with Octa-Core processor and 4000mAh battery that supports up to 2-day use and 18-day standby. But above all, it is the first model from UMIDIGI that runs our own OS, the UMI OS.


4000mAh, Two-Day Battery Life

4000mAh big battery along with the more power-efficient UMI OS, power consumption in key areas such as display, hardware performance, and data analysis are optimized to produce the best power-consuming outcome. You can literally watch your favorite movies back to back with 36 hours power backup.


18-Day Super Standby Time! - Systematically Power-Efficient

We have become heavily rely on smart phones these days, as a result, the battery life has also become the main concern. Base on 4000mAh big battery, UMIDIGI C Note 2 is said to reach an incredibly 18-day standby time, and 2-day's sufficient use without charging. The pleasant outcome is not solely due to the 4000mAh battery, but also the greatly power-consuming optimized UMI OS.



The Octa-Core Experience

Massive Internal Storage, 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM

UMIDIGI C Note 2 is equipped with MT6750T SoC by MediaTek, which outperforms previous solutions in terms of power-efficiency and performance thanks to its Octa-Core CPU based on Cortex A53 clocked at 1.5Ghz, enabling smooth running under high-volume performance.

Multi-tasking with various apps running is no issue on UMIDIGI C Note 2. 64GB internal storage with up to 256GB SD card extended storage, it feels like driving on the highway without speed limit. In addition, the light and swift UMI OS optimizes the background operations with the "cloud freezer" feature, which makes plenty of internal space free and still more reduces the power consumption.


First UMI OS

Security, Lively, Power Saving

UMIDIGI C Note 2 makes the UMI OS debuted which delivers a better-than-stock-Android experience.

Beyond of being a fast and clean operating system, UMI OS offers more than what you would expect. New features and refined UI base on Android 7.0, a series of exceptional functions will greatly enhance your Android experience. Note that UMI OS is also upgradable to Android 8.0.

More about UMIDIGI C NOTE 2 details and specification just follow up: