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The safety dance of a 4000mAh battery for a 6.95mm body

2017-6-29 11:46| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 1743| Comment: 7

Summary: The safety dance of a 4000mAh battery for a 6.95mm body Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery fatal blunder is still etched in the memories of many smartphone users. The spate of battery malfunctions and e ...

The safety dance of a 4000mAh battery for a 6.95mm body

Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery fatal blunder is still etched in the memories of many smartphone users. The spate of battery malfunctions and explosions caused Samsung’s global smartphone market share to drop drastically and dented customer trust besides.

Moral of the story, battery safety is no joke and it should be taken super seriously without any excuse in every step of the making, otherwise, it might become a time bomb around you.

There's a factory in southern China, where many global smartphone manufacturers make their batteries produced and tested out. Being one of their major clients, UMIDIGI also has the batteries made there for our latest flagship phones, UMIDIG Z1 and Z1 Pro. Today UMIDIGI brings you an exceptional video tour of Z1's battery safety test, which we filmed under the special admission into the factory.

In the video, UMIDIGI carries out rigorous tests on batteries including battery crushing test, short circuit test, humidity and temperature test, and at the end we even put the battery into fire to test out the battery materials.

(Battery Quality Live Test)

Pressure Test

A maximum of 1300N (130kg) force pressure was put on the battery for 5 seconds, we are not sure if the battery can handle more force than that, but 1300N pressure is impressive enough to handle for a battery.

Shorting Test

In the battery shorting test, we tested the battery outcome when under high-voltage circumstances. There are some common reasons that cause shorting of mobile phones in real life, such as phone falls in water, which is the most common one, or handset becomes overheated, or using an incompatible or faulty charger for charging. The shorting may cause the phone to be dead, overheating, switches off and on automatically, or even causes sparks or smoke, which is quite dangerous and terrifying if that happens. UMIDIGI ensures that, the batteries used on our latest flagship are safe enough when shorting takes place.

Temperature & Humidity Test

In the temperature test, Z1 batteries high-temperature resistance stay up to 80 Celsius. Of course, we won’t normally expose our phones under such extreme temperature but it’s good to know your phone can handle some high temperature without damaging or sparks on fire.

Combustion Test

And in the final battery combustion test, UMIDIGI tested out whether the materials used for the battery are safe enough to prevent damaging burst even when the battery is burned.

Check out the video of UMIDIGI Z1’s battery safety test tour, it is worth to know that the device you hold everyday is made with strict and attentive procedure. UMIDIGI Z1 and Z1 Pro are on pre-sale now, subscribe on our official site to get $40 off or enter giveaway to try your luck for winning one for free.


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quote SUPER-USER 2017-7-18 19:21
My UMI Super had a capacity of 4000 mAh and that has been enough for a whole day.
The UMIDIGI Z Pro apparently has a capacity of 3780 mAh and reaches a few hours less than the UMI Super.
On the way to work I always use Waze.
The UMI Super has consumed 10-15% of the battery capacity.
The UMIDIGI Z Pro needs 25-30%.
I am interested in how much battery the Z1 Pro would consume.
quote sanwris 2017-7-13 07:06
I checked Umi plus fixed wrong capacity
quote sanwris 2017-7-13 06:59
It's software​ issue  actually had 4000mah capacity. I see new update fixed​ wrong capacity 1000mAh. Upgrade last Android 7.1.1 Android Firmware
quote Lcaluve 2017-7-1 23:40
It seems to be more of a hoax of the Umidigi that capacity of 4000mAh of the battery.
I purchased a Umi Plus that was advertised as having a 4000mAh battery but the device came with a battery with only a capacity of 1000mAh, it does not last for a day with basic use. I was cheated and I feel frustrated.
Now, if I want a repair for Umidigi's error, I will have to pay a cost of USS 70.00 to send the device to China (which I do not have at the moment) and undergo a delay of up to 120 days to receive Back and stay that long without handset. That or accept a derisory indemnity of only $ 15.00 for the inconvenience I'm experiencing. Caution: 4000mAh is a deception.

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