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UMIDIGI Z1 & Z1 Pro Battery Real-life Test: A power bank within 6.95mm body!

2017-6-27 09:22| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 2845| Comment: 8

Summary: UMIDIGI Z1 Z1 Pro Battery Real-life Test: A power bank within 6.95mm body! (Video)4000mAh battery, power is no more an issue:In the new official video, UMIDIGI shows us the design aspects, gaming per ...

UMIDIGI Z1 & Z1 Pro Battery Real-life Test:  A power bank within 6.95mm body! (Video)

4000mAh battery, power is no more an issue:

In the new official video, UMIDIGI shows us the design aspects, gaming performance and the battery life on their latest flagship UMIDIGI Z1. In the video, you’ll find the authentic test of the handset’s battery capacity by using a USB Power Capacity Tester, as well as a 10-minute gaming performance.

UMIDIGI Z1 are powered by Mediatek's Highest power-efficient Processor, the MT6757, with Octa-core clocked at 2.3Ghz. MT6757 offers 25% better power efficiency and higher processing performance. The powerful chipset already guarantees the smooth run with gaming.

But what’s more that UMIDIGI Z1 has to offer are a mighty package of 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM, with a whopping 4000mAh big battery. Smooth, fast, stable without worrying the run out of juice, that’s the gaming and other daily using experience can be on UMIDIGI Z1.

Harmonizing aesthetics & technologies :

UMIDIGI Z1 continues the sleek, classy and refined designed. UMIDIGI always put great emphasis on the design aspect.

UMIDIGI Z1’s gentle surface screen forms a continuous silhouette with no protrusions or sharp angles, while the phone’s subtle curvature smoothly flows from the front to back with symmetrical balance. The harmonious aesthetic of the body, screen and the curved lines reflect the overall design of the premium phone, complementing its comfortable grip and usability while creating a more organic connection between the user and the mobile device.

Visually obtrusive elements on the design phone have been minimized to create more tangible screen space, enabling enhanced usability and a wide viewing experience.

The price of UMIDIGI Z1 and Z1 Pro are already listed on UMIDIGI’s official website, now you can get Z1 with $40 off in the pre-sale subscription. The Z1 Pro is a limited stock edition, only 1,000 pieces available for the global market. To purchase the Z1 Pro, you need to subscribe first on UMIDIGI official website.

Enter UMIDIGI’s official website for the $9.9 subscription and try your luck in the giveaway contest:


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Me2 but i am wondering where can i find a glass screen protector...anyone?
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Already ordered my Umidigi Z1 Pro in Passion Red. Hopefully I receive delivery soon........

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