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Exclusive: “The thinnest big battery flagship” UMIDIGI Z1 design revealed

2017-6-13 02:30| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 2322| Comment: 9

Summary: Exclusive: “The thinnest big battery flagship” UMIDIGI Z1 design revealedThe image you see here illustrates the UMIDIGI Z1, the coming new flagship from UMIDIGI. Its full specifications will be unve ...

Exclusive: “The thinnest big battery flagship” UMIDIGI Z1 design revealed


The image you see here illustrates the UMIDIGI Z1, the coming new flagship from UMIDIGI. Its full specifications will be unveiled on 19th June.


Aside from the dual-camera array and the super thin body, you can basically tell what the design UMIDIGI Z1 is going to be. Apart from the 6.95mm thinness, there are not much more information can be gleaned so far in terms of the design features and materials used. UMIDIGI Z1 will be equipped with a big battery as we've been claiming that, UMIDIGI Z1 is “the thinnest big battery flagship phone”, but the detailed battery capacity has not been revealed, you can expect it to be between 3500mAh to 4000mAh. AMOLED screen is also expected to be used again on UMIDIGI Z1. Still, other details remain scant at this point.


Even if you won't hear more about the UMIDIGI Z1 on a substantive level before it launches, at least now you've got a good visual sense of what will be announced as UMIDIGI Z1 on 19th June.


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quote Allenwalker 2020-8-3 16:48
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quote Allenwalker 2020-8-1 17:17
In any case, you will have a great luminosity of the paintings on the ceramic , and you can even dilute it a little with water to obtain the color you want. It has a very fast drying, which will allow your models to not run, and they are highly durable without having to protect them from sunlight.
quote LowriTaylor 2020-3-30 20:32
from UMIDIGI and one which makes a big play on its design. ... Z1 is a flagship phone where more details are now starting to be revealed .
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quote SUPER-USER 2017-6-14 16:33
Most components are used for marketing purposes only.
8 GB sounds like a state-of-the-art smartphone, even if in reality only a few users really need so much power.
It will be decisive how well the smartphone works at the end. Each of the components used should really work and the software must be error-free.
A Porsche with a flat tire is also useless and can not use its performance at all.
A German proverb says that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
Think about it ;-)
quote Davood 2017-6-14 02:37
Umidigi, you really need to give up that button below screen. It's like the button in all mobiles of samsung. We have seen this face years. Besides, the most of chinese companies of mobile use this face, too. Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Oneplus, Meizu, ZTE, lenove, htc, ZUK, moto together produce the most phones of the world and all look each other, look Samsung phones and apparently Umidigi Z1. This look is not interesting and beautiful anymore. So get rid of that. Umi Super's look was very beautiful and had fingerprint sensor on the back that was more convenient than Z1. Samsung intself put aside this face for its flagships. by the way, you once said in one of previous posts that iPhone is popular and being imitated by other brands and you. so place a beautiful circle not rectangle fingerprint on the face or back. it would be amazing...
quote venki6133 2017-6-13 13:37
as of now in MediaTek platform 8 GB Ram support only in helio x30 any plan to go with USE Z1 PRO for x30..?
quote amadeumatos 2017-6-13 03:41
Who needs 8GB RAM if the Iphones only have 2 or 3 maybe maximum 4

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