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UMIDIGI Z1 will go for 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM Pro version (Video)

2017-6-6 21:13| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 3573| Comment: 106

Summary: UMIDIGI Z1 will go for 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM Pro version (Video)Video: After “the thinnest big battery flagship phone”, the UMIDIGI Z1 was announced yesterd ...

UMIDIGI Z1 will go for 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM Pro version (Video)



After “the thinnest big battery flagship phone”, the UMIDIGI Z1 was announced yesterday, We continue to give out more information today about our latest flagship phone.


The UMIDIGI Z1 is planned to have a 6GB RAM capacity while the Z1 Pro version comes with an unexpectedly hefty 8GB of RAM. Apart from the specs and the hardware, what is widely concerned is of course the price. As a flagship device, the price of UMIDIGI Z1 is expected to be higher than our previous models.  


According to our current plans, the 6GB RAM UMIDIGI Z1 will be sold with a $299 price tag, and it’s $499 for the 8GB RAM Z1 Pro.


Now you can find a subscription page on UMIDIGI’s official website for the UMIDIGI Z1 and Z1 Pro. There will also be 5 UMIDIGI Z1s available for Giveaway, so don't hesitate but take your chance to win one for free!


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