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Official Launching of UMIDIGI C NOTE

2017-3-29 21:04| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 1856| Comment: 9

Summary: Official Launching of UMIDIGI C NOTEBeauty in Hand, Power in Use!Ever expected a 3800mAh battery to fit into an 8.3mm body? Ever wanted a seamless unibody phone made of metal? Ever wondered receiving ...

Official Launching of UMIDIGI C NOTE

Beauty in Hand, Power in Use!

Ever expected a 3800mAh battery to fit into an 8.3mm body? Ever wanted a seamless unibody phone made of metal? Ever wondered receiving a new phone and it's Android 7 out of box!? Ever thought of a 3GB RAM plus 32GB ROM smartphone for less than $150? Here you can have them all, the UMIDIGI C NOTE!

C NOTE Official Video:

The new model, called C NOTE, from Chinese manufacturer UMIDIGI, might be a game changer in the market with its insanely low price but decent specs and great design. The price may surprise you a lot, it is less than $150. Yes, you hear it right, less than $150!

Full Metal Unibody Design for a solid grip!

UMIDIGI C NOTE inherits exactly the same refined design of the previous prime models from the company, the UMIDIGI Z (UMi Z). The top-level craftsmanship gives UMIDIGI C NOTE a seamless full metal unibody, precise curve, elegant arcs and streamlined edges. Light, neat and solid as it feels in hand and as it looks.

The power of a slim body!

Don't underestimate the power of the 8.3mm slim body, it surprisingly carries a 3800mAh battery, which literally give you enough power for 2 days of usage!

13MP and PDAF Sensor for DSLR-level photos!

5MP as the front camera and a Samsung 13MP camera on the back with PDAF Sensor and Dual-LED flashlight, as quick and clear as it gets. Furthermore, the Professional Camera Mode pushes an already excellent photo even better, allowing you to take DSLR-like photos.

Optimized Combination of Specs for Best Use of Power

UMIDIGI C NOTE is powered by MediaTek's MT6737T processor Quad-core at 1.5GHz, using an optimized power-consumption Cortex-A53 core. 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM with extendable storage supports up to 256GB micro SD cards.

Big Screen, Full-HD Display

Smooth gaming is further guaranteed with a 5.5" Sharp 1080P display screen. Lightning-fast 4G LTE and dual-sim slot are readily standby for fast and stable browsing. The front Touch ID (fingerprint scanner) offers secure and effortless access to the phone.

Now the price! $149.99! And those buyers, who order in presale, can get it for an even lower price at $139.99!

Look into more details of this beautiful yet powerful UMIDIGI C NOTE!


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