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UMIDIGI Z PRO Presale starts with official unboxing!

2017-3-9 23:19| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 1896| Comment: 10

Summary: UMIDIGI Z PRO Presale starts with official unboxing! Only 4,999pcs worldwide available with $50 discount, hurry up!UMIDIGI Z PRO is the first flagship released under the UMIDIGI brand (previously UMi) ...

UMIDIGI Z PRO Presale starts with official unboxing!

Only 4,999pcs worldwide available with $50 discount, hurry up!

UMIDIGI Z PRO is the first flagship released under the UMIDIGI brand (previously UMi), shown for the first time at MWC a few days ago. The phone carries the same winning specifications of the UMi Z, so the powerful Helio X27 will move it but adds a brand new dual-camera lens setup, able to push further the camera section, as we have seen in past news. We've also shared a brand new unboxing video, let’s have a look!

The Power of the Dual-Lens Camera Setup: Endless Possibilities

UMIDIGI, with this device shows that, the SONY 13Mpx dual-camera lens technology is not a gimmick at all. Thanks to it, by previous news you got known some functions of this interesting camera setup like:

- the “3D Capture” mode to literally move the picture after it has been taken and view it from a different perspective;

- the “Live Photo” Mode, the first Android device pack with iPhone’s “Live Photo”,  which also makes a short video of what happens a few seconds before and after the shoot;

- the “Pure Black and White” shooting, which doesn't produce just a de-colored picture, but uses a dedicated B&W sensor to make a real Black and White photo;

- the “Re-Focusing” capability, which makes it possible to adjust the focus or to focus a on different point of the photo after it has been taken;

- the 2x Optical Zoom, up to 3x using Digital one.

If that's not enough, new Mediatek's ISP paired with a Quad-LED flash and Dual camera pixel-binning technology on both lenses doubles image brightness in low-light conditions and gives better pictures in every context.

The frontal camera with a Samsung 13Mpx sensor and a Soft Light LED guarantees good quality selfies even in difficult situations.

Pre-sale Starts, Just 4,999 Pieces Available Worldwide at 249.99$!

Pre-sale starts on Mar 9th, and will end on Mar 27th. During this time, it is possible to snatch the UMIDIGI Z PRO with a 50$ discount, at the outstanding price of 249.99$.

If you are not interested in all the new camera features, you can get the UMi Z with an even lower price tag of 229.99$.

Both phones, cameras aside, share the very same hardware: Flagship Deca-core CPU  Mediatek Helio X27 2.6GHz, 3780mAh battery in 8.2mm slim full metal unibody, 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM with up to 256GB TF card extend memory, SHARP 5.5 Full-HD Display, Touch ID 2.1, Quick Charge, Dual Sim Dual Standby and a SAMSUNG 13Mpx front camera with Soft Light LED.

Availability is limited, so don't miss the chance to secure one of these two great devices!

Snap now here at our licensed shops:










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