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Summary: UMIDIGI Z PRO Unveiled at MWC Grab the perfect “Black and White” Camera-phone With a 50$ discount or win one for free!UMIDIGI Z PRO, first real dual-camera phone made by the Chinese company is being ...


Grab the perfect “Black and White” Camera-phone With a 50$ discount or win one for free!


UMIDIGI Z PRO, first real dual-camera phone made by the Chinese company is being shown at the MWC right now, but from today you can also be a step closer to it. That's right, pre-sale activities have officially started, and you can reserve a UMIDIGI Z PRO for a very special price. At the end of the article will show you how.

The first 13mp Dual-Lens Mediatek flagship smartphone in the World

Dual-Lens Camera is the most appreciated technology of the moment when we talk about Smartphone's cameras, so it's not surprising to see it on phones like the iPhone 7, Huawei P9, Huawei Mate 9 and Xiaomi Mi5s Plus, that are among the most appreciated camera phones on the market.

When we look at MediaTek-powered phones, we only see phones with a bogus secondary camera, usually very cheap devices, or phones with a secondary camera which is less performing and with less Mpx compared to the main one, and which supports less functions compared to full-blown dual-camera phones.

To finally raise the level on MediaTek's side, UMIDIGI Z PRO is the first ever MTK-based phone to feature two real 13Mpx cameras made by Sony, using the performing IMX258 sensor in both the rear cameras.

Pure and real Black & White photos, you will notice the difference

The UMIDIGI Z PRO uses two cameras: one that shoots in monochrome and one in RGB. This means if you take a photo in colour, the phone uses both lenses to give an image, but if you snap in black and white, it uses only the dedicated monochrome lens.

This means the Z PRO doesn't have to rely on post-processing and filters to produce black and white photos, so these are not just recolored pictures but real Black & White photos which result way more detailed, crisp and natural than artificially B&W ones. Re-discover your creativity and unleash your retro spirit!

Here's a video which shows some awesome Black and White moments captured with the UMIDIGI Z PRO:

Subscribe and earn a limited 50$ discount and try to win one Z PRO for free

To earn a price-cut of 50$, just head over at the activity page and leave your e-mail address to receive the discount code for the purchase of a UMIDIGI Z PRO on March 9, official date of pre-sale start. The activity starts today and ends on March 8, but be quick since coupons are limited, first-come, first-served!

There is also the possibility to win one Z PRO for free. On the same page you can comment telling

Which features of UMIDIGI Z PRO dual-lens camera you like the most. This will give you the opportunity to participate in the giveaway. Sharing the comment using the socials indicated next to the "comment " button will give you even more chances to win!


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