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Contemplation on our obsession of Smartphones?

2017-1-11 11:17| publisher: UMIadmin| Views: 4910| Comment: 6

Summary: Contemplation on our obsession of Smartphones?(Photo credits: Antoine Geiger)Do you still remember how you live through a day back when Smartphone-free era? Have you ever wonder how people are glue to ...

Contemplation on our obsession of Smartphones?


(Photo credits: Antoine Geiger)

Do you still remember how you live through a day back when Smartphone-free era? Have you ever wonder how people are glue to their smartphones these days? Oh you are one of them too? Well, never mind, because we all do and you’re not the only one. From the moment you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is probably check you phone, and then, you start your day. Smartphones have become the extension of our bodies? Well, you bet, just like the glasses people are wearing.

Maybe it's time to confess our obsession of smartphone? Hell no, don’t joke on me! How can we let go when our life has become so much easier with that handy device. In the old days but so long ago, one may do all these in a day: read newspapers, watch TV, listen to radios, read books, read magazines, make phone calls, do business with people, etc. Now with one little device, we can do all these and MORE without switching around, and we are more connected with others, believe it or not.

The issue is, can we find a phone to help us go through the day with greater satisfaction? Because obviously, everyone knows we can’t really get our hands off smartphone now.

Search on the market, there might be one particular phone for your choice. The newly released UMi Z. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how a Chinese smartphone can survive a day’s usage in China’s busy vibrant metropolis.

UMi Z - More than a day's power


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quote KatieBell 2020-5-12 18:07
A great many people think there is nothing amiss with the wireless, yet they are erroneous. Since the time the mid-1980s, PDAs have been rapidly moving their way into our regular daily existences, particularly with the presentation of camera telephones in the early piece of the new thousand years described at . As PDAs develop they have increasingly more of an effect on our regular daily existences and I need to exactly the amount they are affecting.
quote CarnivalRow 2019-9-9 18:39
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quote snapch23 2018-10-12 14:02
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quote manuelesparza01 2017-1-30 07:00
TBH I think smartphones are very useful to us in many ways for instance when was the last time that you bought an alarm clock? or maybe a calculator of any kind? they enable us in many ways for us to unleash our full potential I think. I can go MANY hours without my phone I only use it when I have nothing better to do or when I have to like to reply an email or do some quick research. UMI's phones are great but definitely there is a lot of room for improvement in the software and camera departments. I surly think you guys are getting there tho.
quote Daphone 2017-1-24 00:15
Sure i remember cuz i am old enough to do that ( first phone motorola 7500 )
And sure when the phones became smart and the users stupid i have seen that too, but this went on in a period where i did not have a phone ( 1998 - 2006 )
I am now forced to carry a phone again, and it is a little more fun to do now as they can do other stuff, and prizes to use them are flat rate.
But in general i dont think its the phones that make people stupid, it is what they use them for, this most often being transmitting and receiving a lot of stuff that dont really mean much to a sane person.
Personally i hardly use a app on my smartphone so as you might guess i am not using that social media stuff as i do not want to insult my friends of family with that level of communication.
I am now sitting and waiting for a UMI Z to replace my 4 year old HTC win phone, but z is much more powerful that i will ever need.
quote Mirausquinbrett 2017-1-13 07:18
to be honest,the new Umi name and logo are looking good, but they are not better that the old one.

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