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UMi Z – Selfie Soft Light Top Level Focus

2016-12-31 20:12| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 4652| Comment: 7

Summary: UMi Z – Selfie Soft Light Top Level FocusA Focus on Camera Department (Samples Inside!)Recently you could hear about UMIDIGI Z PRO, the first smartphone of the newly re-branded UMi , a product charac ...

UMi Z –  Selfie Soft Light Top Level Focus

A Focus on Camera Department (Samples Inside!)

Recently you could hear about UMIDIGI Z PRO, the first smartphone of the newly re-branded UMi , a product characterized by top specifications which made quite some buzz around because it's the first ever Mediatek-powered phone with Dual-Lens 13Mpx setup, joining the handful of elite products in this range as iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei P9, Xiaomi Mi5s Plus, Honor 8 and a very few others.

Today, we want to shed the light on the whole camera department of our single rear camera model, the UMi Z, because UMIDIGI Z Pro has an amazing Dual-Lens Camera setup but this technology has a cost, and since UMi always aim to bring the best user experience for the money, its little brother has a very capable main camera of great quality, which is a great improvement over previous models, and the same powerful selfie shooter at a very aggressive price!

13MP Front camera with Samsung sensor and Soft Light: taking selfies has never been so satisfactory

Most smartphone producers on the market today don't give the same attention to the front camera as much as the rear one: UMi, in order to create the product with the best all around user experience, knows very well that, nowadays users use the frontal camera as much (or even more!) as the rear one, so it would be very limitative to put a conventional average sensor which won't make justice to a good selfie or a quality video call and which is unusable at night.

That's why the chosen sensor is the 13MP Samsung S5K3L8, a sensor able to create high resolution images featuring extraordinary clarity and vivid, natural colors at every selfie or video call. Poor quality selfies will be things of the past thanks to this capable camera.

In addition, Selfie Soft Light creates the lighting effects of a professional photography studio, allowing to take a selfie with natural colors even in difficult low-light situations like during an evening with friends or a night at the dance club.

13MP with Samsung S5K3L8 sensor and Dual Focus System – high quality photos and videos

Samsung's S5K3L8 13Mpx is one of the models of the ISOCELL family and it's among the most successful ones. This Samsung sensor is capable to capture images and videos at the highest frame rates while maintaining the image contrast. It also consume the lowest power in its class, making it a fantastic choice for deployment in battery powered mobile devices. Here it is used for both the front and back cameras and the results are fantastic!

That's because the new ISP used on latest Mediatek Helio X27 and the Dual Focus system (laser+PDAF focus) improve the clarity, focusing speed and accuracy, stability, noise reduction and color management of the rear camera compared to previous generation solutions. You also can record videos at 4K, so the UMi Z will make the Samsung sensor shine and give you awesome results as shown in samples.

Don't be afraid of night shots with the new QUAD-LED Flash

One of the most critical aspects in smartphone photography is related to night photos: That's where most phones fall nowadays. The UMi Z, thanks to the special new features mentioned above (New ISP, Dual Focus system etc.), will bring a boost in quality even in such very complicated situations, but it's not all: to further improve the photos, the Z is equipped with a powerful Quad-LED flashlight, which - as the name implies - includes four smart LEDs able to be adjusted according to the color temperature of the environment, resulting in sharper, more brightly lit photos and preserving natural colors of the subjects.

You can purchase the UMi Z for $279.99, pre-sale starts at January 4th with an impressive 60$ discount if you subscribe to the UMi Z activity on this page:

Hurry Up! Pieces available for discount are limited!


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