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The Black UMi Plus E gets benchmarked

2016-11-22 13:13| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 3395| Comment: 5

Summary: The Black UMi Plus E gets benchmarked: More than 60000 points in AnTuTu and able to run smoothly with 50 apps in memory!We have learnt a lot about the UMi Plus E, the latest flagship of the company, w ...

The Black UMi Plus E gets benchmarked: More than 60000 points in AnTuTu and able to run smoothly with 50 apps in memory!

We have learnt a lot about the UMi Plus E, the latest flagship of the company, which is the first Helio P20 Smartphone to hit the stores soon. In previous news, we discovered the brand new Onyx Black color, made the same way as iPhone 7's Space Gray, and we also discovered that more than 125 processes are required to obtain the premium crafted metal body. Today, we're going to see a new aspect of the phone, probably the most awaited one: The performance of the Helio P20 and the 6GB of RAM.

More Power, less energy consumption, smooth as silk – UMi Plus E in action

On the video released today, after a brief look at the very appealing Onyx Black body of the UMi Plus E, we immediately see the phone undergo the most popular benchmark test for smartphones, AnTuTu Benchmark. The result gives a score of more than 60,000 points, an increase of over 20% compared to the Helio P10,  while the new productive process at 16nm offers 25% less power consumption and less heat dissipation.

On the GPU Side, we can see an increase of over 25% compared to P10, with a 3D score of more than 11,000 points, so there's no problem on the gaming side.

Then, we see all the importance of having a massive 6GB of LDPDDR4: more than 50 apps are launched without giving the phone a break, they all stay in the cache and don’t slow the phone at all, even after launching games or browsing the Internet.

Not only SoC and RAM - Redefining the “budget flagship” concept

So, we see the already appreciated concept of the “budget flagship” taking a whole step ahead, the amount of quality and power offered by this device for less than 200$ is really impressive and will leave a mark on this last part of the year. But we don’t have only the aforementioned specs to show you, all the other specifications are really top notch ones!

In fact, The phone also packs 64GB of internal storage (expandable up to 256GB via a microSD card), a 5.5-inch full HD (1920x1080) display made by Sharp, a 4000mAh battery with PE+ Fast Charging support, a 13 Megapixel PDAF Samsung camera placed on the back of the UMi Plus E aerospace-class aluminum casing and a 5 Megapixel selfie shooter.

A fingerprint scanner (Touch ID 2.1) is also included, the device offers support for Cat. 6 4G LTE connectivity.

Available for $199.99 only on Nov 23rd 12am GMT+1, ONLY ONE DAY!

Enter your email address here to reserve and you will receive the needed information about how to purchase the phone for the special price, via email notice from UMi by 23rd of November.

Only 999 pcs. worldwide, first come first served!

You can also leave your comment to  participate in UMi’s giveaway to win one UMi Plus E for free on the same page.

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quote yaesu 2017-6-22 00:58
Hi, I have recently bought an Umidigi Umi plus e phone from you and i am really dissatisfied with the phone's camera which was advertised as 4k capable which is clearly not.
Because the phone's camera and its quality is really important me I'd like to send it back and get a refund, or an alternative phone with the same specs except it has a better camera.
4k is not important to me but what is that i dont have to watch a blurry video in a dimly light place if i make one. I am awaiting your answers. Thank you
quote mor0504 2017-5-13 13:23
Can you tell me my umi plus e why have li ion battery why not li polimer?
quote rafahprojectdc 2017-3-23 16:09
Everything Wrong with Umi Plus E
Wifi Disconnecting
Speaker distort
No Sound when using Messengers
Bad Quality Photos
Fast Charge does not even work takes hours to charge full
Battery Drain fast
Annoying USB Slot finishing which ache when holding   

totally worst phone,not ever worth 50$

rest is useable but not a happy user of Umi Plus E

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