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First real pictures of UMi Plus E [video]

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Summary: First real photos of UMi Plus EWe all know the black color has been the favorite one during this last half of the year. The black color is the symbol of eternal and mystical forces, a color which has ...

First real pictures of UMi Plus E

We all know the black color has been the favorite one during this last half of the year. The black color is the symbol of eternal and mystical forces, a color which has always been attractive.
Even if easily scratchable, the jet black used by iPhone 7 is one of the most attractive colors used in this year.

Onyx Black UMi Plus E - crafted the same way as iPhone 7’s Matte Black

UMi, a company that's committed to always keep up with the latest fashion in order to better satisfy its users, decided to go for a gorgeus total black appearance for one of the colors of the UMi Plus E, which will take the name “Onyx Black”.

Crafted from bead-blasted aluminum like iPhone’s Black Space, UMi’s new black model has a rich, deep matte finish. The outcome is so purely and consistantly black, you can’t tell where the aluminum ends and the front glass begins. The dark side, indeed.

This kind of black will not be as scratchable as iPhone 7’s Jet Black one is; it’s a way more resistant black color coating which covers the aerospace-class aluminum body to protect itself against scratches, avoiding what most frequently happens to the jet black iPhone 7.

Not only the black color won’t wear off, but the touch and feel sensation of the body will be incredible, an all around premium product which will not disappoint your expectations.

Discover the World’s first Helio P20 6GB RAM flagship

UMi Plus E is world’s first Helio P20-powered smartphone. The phone packs an impressive 6GB LPDDR4 RAM, 64GB of internal storage (expandable up to 320GB with a maximum of 256GB capacity microSD card), a 5.5-inch full HD (1920x1080) display made by Sharp, a 4,000mAh battery with PE+ Fast Charging support, a 13-megapixel PDAF Samsung shooter placed on the back of the UMi Plus E aerospace-class aluminum chase.

A fingerprint scanner (Touch ID 2.1) is also included, the device offers support for Cat. 6 4G LTE connectivity.

Available for $199.99 only!

About the price, the phone costs only $199,99, Enter your email address to reserve the phone here and you will receive the information about how to purchase the phone for the special price, via email notice from UMi by 23rd of November.
Only 999 pcs worldwide, first come first served!

You can also leave your comment on the same page to participate in UMi’s giveaway to win one UMi Plus E for free.

You can find more information about UMi Plus E here:

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