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UMi Plus in Gold [Video]: A Touch of Grace, High capacity Quick charge flagship

2016-10-25 12:21| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 3745| Comment: 10

Summary: UMi Plus in Gold :A Touch of Grace, High capacity Quick charge flagship The UMi Plus has been released for a few weeks already. One of its attributions that caught the greatest attention is the harmon ...

UMi Plus in Gold [Video]: A Touch of Grace, High capacity Quick charge flagship

The UMi Plus has been released for a few weeks already. One of its attributions that caught the greatest attention is the harmony of a very appealing design and a great feeling when holding it in the hand. This, together with the balanced hardware specifications and the outstanding battery life, makes it a very valuable choice in the mid-range segment.

That’s not a coincidence: when thinking about Plus’ design, UMi's Product Manager decided to scratch everything done first and to start from zero, giving importance to even the tiniest detail and reworking with designers and engineers all the processes to craft the ideal phablet in dimensions and appearance. Designers studied and used the brand-new ID style, which uses curves and radians to pursue beauty, with all the elements integrating harmoniously in the metal body.

UMi Plus uses of the Aviation Magnalium (6000 Series), that allows the phone to be lighter in weight but harder when it has to face hits and bumps. The material receives numerous treatments to improve its properties and also to feel smoother to the touch and to be extremely refined and design-wise.

We can say that, UMi Plus has been thought and realized as a work of art. From the concept to the realization, everything has been carefully thought of and highly customized in the details, like the exquisite Gold color chosen for the back cover, a gold which is sober and elegant, a classy touch.

Not only the design is extraordinary, but the battery life is equally amazing! UMi Plus uses a battery manufactured with Sony cells, a 690Wh/L high density unit, which allows to have smaller dimensions compared to traditional density units. Thanks to that,  UMi Plus delivers exceptional battery time in every condition.

Here you can see how the battery performed in our internal tests:

3G Talk Time: 32.45 Hours

Internet Browsing: 8:10 Hours

Video Playback: 7:20 Hours
3D Gaming: 6:39 Hours  

As a small recap, the latest UMi flagship has an octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM, a great design with nice metal look, that uses 6000 series of aluminum magnesium and has a 2.5D glass screen.

If interested, you can buy the UMi Plus at the e-shops below:







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