UMi presents the new Dual-glass protected gem, the UMi Diamond

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Summary: UMi presents the new Dual-glass protected gem, the UMi Diamond!After the successful UMi Plus, UMi's latest octa-core flagship, UMi wants to continue its ascension with another quality product, putting ...

UMi presents the new Dual-glass protected gem,

the UMi Diamond!

After the successful UMi Plus, UMi's latest octa-core flagship, UMi wants to continue its ascension with another quality product, putting a new Diamond on its crown!

Usually, one of the questions when purchasing a smartphone is: Will this display survive bumps and scratches that may happen every day?  
UMi also noticed how durability is important. That’s why we launched a line of products with our patented Dual-Glass technology, and today we announce a new product of this family, called the UMi Diamond.

As you can see from the first images, the compact UMi Diamond is a 5-inch device with HD resolution display covered with a  2.5D glass which uses the appreciated Dual T2X-1 glass protection, allowing it to better resist accidental bumps and scratches. The motor is the octa-core MediaTek MT6753 SoC clocked at 1.5 Ghz, the RAM is 3GB and the internal storage has 16GB capacity with an extension slot up to 128GB Micro-SD Card. The primary shooter is an 8MP device supplemented by a 2MP front camera. The battery is a 2650mAh unit and everything is controlled by Android 6 Marshmallow.

UMi Diamond covers the need of people wanting a compact, resistant phone, while adding a performing setup for users who need that extra punch of sheer power and want everything to run as smooth as silk thanks to the MT6753 octa-core Processor and 3GB of RAM. Also, the 4G support (B20 LTE band included) allows you to use the 4G data plan of your carrier without any issue, accessing the high-speed mobile net wherever it’s available. Having Dual sim support and a dedicated Micro-SD slot will allow total flexibility, there is no need to sacrifice one SIM card to use the external memory it is a 3-slot smartphone.

UMi Diamond will be available for pre-order starting from 20 of October with a US 99.99$ price-tag. After the pre-sale period, the retail price will be 119.99$, so don't waste your time but place your pre-order quickly!

Learn more details about UMi Diamond here:

You also can buy a UMi Plus, the latest UMi flagship from the e-shops below:








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