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UMi Plus scratch test - It survives a power drill treatment!?!

2016-10-11 22:53| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 5810| Comment: 4

UMi Plus scratch test - It survives a power drill treatment!?!

One of the major concerns when purchasing a smartphone is if it will be resistant enough to pull out all the demanding tasks we ask it every day without suffering damages like scratches and accidental bumps. If even the toughest glass is breakable by a bad fall or hit (using glass screen protectors helps a lot to reduce the risk), having a resistant and sturdy body helps to avoid a collateral damage.

UMi put quite serious attention into the building process of the UMi Plus, not only regarding its design feature, but also about resistance. The body and screen was designed and worked with different processes to ensure the best possible resistance in everyday situations.


A video test released by us reveals that, the screen of the UMi Plus can easily take quite some abuses from tools like a saw, knife, keys, and a power drill. The UMi Plus survived all the brutal torture tests and still didn’t get a noticeable scratch on the front. The test began with a screwdriver and latch keys, moved on to a hacksaw, and finally ended with a power drill failing to make a relevant mark.

None of the tools used for torturing the UMi Plus were able to do more than producing a tiny scratch on the front. If resistance is one of your major concerns, with UMi Plus you can sleep quietly!

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