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UMi explains why the Plus is called the "budget flagship"

2016-10-6 23:33| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 15042| Comment: 42

Summary: UMi Plus vs. OnePlus 3 real life test

UMi explains why the Plus is called the "budget flagship" by showing a real-life usage comparison with OnePlus 3

We saw that in the recent years, how Chinese smartphones managed to offer an unmatched price/performance ratio. This is what allowed many manufacturers to become international players in just a few years.

Until some years ago, it was just unimaginable to have a premium product able to give a no compromise experience around the 200$ price tag. But nowadays it’s possible to get some nicely crafted products like the brand new UMi Plus, that's able to satisfy even the most demanding users.

We often read that, UMi refers to its product as the “budget flagship”, because it brings a lot of flagship-grade specs into a product with a really affordable price tag: a full metal body, a Sharp display, a huge 4000mAh battery made with Sony cells and quick charge support, an Octa Core 4G Processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, a 13MP Samsung camera with manual controls and many other nice features and specifications.

But since specifications are only fragments of the picture, today UMi shows you a video of some real-life performance tests of the UMi Plus, to see how our product performs in the most common tasks, that people use a smartphone for, and not only in the usual benchmarks.

We used one of the most appreciated Flagships of the moment, the Oneplus 3 as a reference to show how the UMi Plus performs in comparison with a top product.

In this test the speed on opening the apps and connectivity speed are evaluated.

Very often, benchmarks are used to classify and choose our phone, but the real usage, the most important thing is overlooked most of the time. Here we can see how the UMi Plus manages to go head to head with Oneplus 3 and despite the less by 2GB of RAM, it outmatches its much more expensive competitor in the Wi-Fi test.

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