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UMi Plus is redefining the concept of "4GB RAM flagship”

2016-9-27 11:02| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 2865| Comment: 108

Summary: UMi Plus is redefining the concept of "4GB RAM flagship”UMi Plus is called the “budget flagship” because it’s able to give an uncompromising experience at a very pleasing price. Only 179.99$ for a ...

UMi Plus is redefining the concept of "4GB RAM flagship”

UMi Plus is called the “budget flagship” because it’s able to give an uncompromising experience at a very pleasing price. Only 179.99$ for a smartphone, which has the Helio P10 Octa core SoC, 4GB RAM, 4000mah Battery, PE+ fast charging technology and 13MP Samsung PDAF Camera with pure Andriod 7.0 update at this Christmas!

We know the good performance of the Helio P10, a chipset, that's able to balance performance and power consumption/heat very well but let’s not forget how much it’s important to have a nice amount of RAM. With the 4GB installed in the Plus, multitasking won't be an issue anymore, your running apps will be stored and will be ready to be recalled immediately, without having to reload them all over again, also saving power. Browsing, gaming, keeping track your activity will be lag-free, in addition the system will perform smoother since it won't be bottlenecked by low RAM. An uncompromising experience, that is flagship territory.

But UMi knows that, only the processor and the RAM don’t make a complete experience, so we wanted to also dedicate some attention to a few functions and specs that are often overlooked:

- UMi Plus has a programmable shortcut button, that allows you to recall the app/setting you prefer. It’s set to the Camera app by default, but you can change it and customize it as you like, so to access your favorite app in just one click.

- UMi revealed that Plus will go with SHARP to pursuit an ultra-high color saturation Sunlight screen.

We saw this screen used in some models of Xiaomi and Meizu claiming it has 17% better overall color saturation for a richer viewing experience. The great thing to have the Sunlight screen is that, you won't have any problem when watching your phone under direct sunlight. Not to mention Plus’ display will have 95% NTSC gamut, that ensures the most vivid colors.

Whenever you’re watching photos or videos, or running exciting apps, Plus delivers intense vivid colors.

- The Fingerprint sensor used in UMi Plus is integrated into the home button, for an easy and fast usage. It has an outstanding reliability, while it's the fastest one as well in its class. It's enough to press the sensor gently for 0.1s and the smartphone will be immediately unlocked. It's more convenient and faster than using patterns or pass codes. A dedicated Chip encrypts and stores your fingerprints in a totally safe way, no one can access them - not even you!

- The Samsung® 13MP camera on the back side uses Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) technology, a 0.1s ultra- fast focusing technique usually used by DSLR cameras. In addition to high megapixel count, UMi Plus has dual ISP processing for exceptional image quality. The camera provides a “manual mode” which enables you to have total control on most of the camera functions and the “auto mode”, which is the standard one found in every phone, ideal for point-and-shoot users.

- UMi Plus is one of the few devices which allows you to choose between virtual on-screen buttons and physical (touch) buttons. Users have different preferences about this feature: many of them prefer virtual keys while many others hate them. So, Plus solves the problem by giving the possibility to switch between the two types of keys.

- A useful notification LED (red/blue/green light) is included, so you can know in advance if you have a missed call, an sms or some other notifications, without the need to turn on the screen of your smartphone.

UMi is offering a free sample of the Plus to one of its loyal users, just point out to our official product page and participate in our giveaway!

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