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UMi Plus, a way to say “thank you” to our users!

2016-9-22 12:38| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 3430| Comment: 4

Summary: UMi Plus, a way to say “thank you” to our users!Recently UMi received some attention from tech enthusiasts because of the good compromise they are able to make on their products between good perform ...

UMi Plus, a way to say “thank you” to our users!

Recently UMi received some attention from tech enthusiasts because of the good compromise they are able to make on their products between good performance, high-quality craftsmanship and reasonable prices. That’s a trend that continues with our arriving UMi Plus, which is gaining momentum after being shown officially on some commercial videos.

We remember that UMi’s designers studied and used the brand-new ID style, which uses curves and radians to pursue beauty. You can notice how the curve is the dominant element of the body, the four radians perfectly fit with the camera, with all the elements integrating harmoniously in the nicely crafted metal body.

In everyday usage, the smartphone is easily exposed to external abrasions like keys, hard surfaces and so on. That won’t be much of a problem - UMi Plus uses the Aviation Magnalium (6000 Series), that allows the phone to be lighter in weight but harder when it has to face hits and bumps. The material gets numerous treatments to improve its properties and also to feel smoother to the touch and extremely refined design-wise.

All these elements together create the “ID design” of the phone, its unique look compared to any other product on the market.

Every aspect of the creative process of this phone from the early brainstorming to the finished product is thought with a unique goal in mind: to make sure UMi users will be satisfied and proud to use an UMi product, because reaching such a level of craftsmanship for an emerging brand wouldn’t be possible without the overwhelming support of thousands and thousands of users around the globe which trusted the company over the years. So the company would like to say a huge thank you by releasing a product which you will be proud of using. We won’t let you down!

We also want to say thank you by offering a free sample of the Plus to one of our loyal users, just jump to our official product page and do participate in our giveaway!

More information here: UMi Plus Pre-sales

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