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UMi Plus’ camera provides both manual controls and auto mode for you!

2016-9-21 09:12| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 3144| Comment: 12

Summary: Photo enthusiasts or point-and-shoot fans? UMi Plus’ camera provides both manual controls and auto mode for you!, PDAF phase focusing technology, Manual Controls, Pro-Photo, YouTube video, Discount a ...

Photo enthusiasts or point-and-shoot fans? UMi Plus’ camera provides both manual controls and auto mode for you!

UMi Plus attracts attention these days, mostly because it’s a really complete product with a very nice look at an affordable price. Its performance is more than enough to meet the needs of today’s more and more demanding users. The company has been pushing news about this product from all aspects just to give everyone a clearer picture about what their new smartphone is able to do. So, today we're gonna focus on the camera performance of the device.

As a small recap, the latest UMi flagship has a great design, a nice full-metal look, uses 6000 series of aluminum-magnesium for the frame and has a 2.5D glass screen, so the company is very confident it will please everyone.

PDAF phase focusing technology

In order to allow users to take nice pictures, UMi Plus integrates a 13MP ® 0.1s PDAF Camera, which uses the new generation PDAF phase focusing technology, that enhances the light processing by 100% compared to the first generation of this tech, with a focusing speed of just 0.15s.

UMi plus also opted for an f2.0 sensor aperture, 5-element lens, Dual ISP processing and a dual tone LED Flash to help in dark conditions.

Manual Controls
To allow total control, UMi Plus implemented the “Pro-Photo”, a setting where you can adjust most parameters manually to obtain shoots exactly as you wish, giving way more flexibility in every situation than by the automatic mode. It’s possible to manually set photo sensitivity (iso), Exposure Speed (S), the Exposure Value (ev), Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, the focal point and the white balance - some really good news for photography hobbyists!

UMi also published a video, showing the PDAF camera fast capture and the Pro-Photo feature.

Have a look below...

Other modes

UMi, of course didn’t forget all the users who don’t want to mess with manual settings and just want to point and shoot. The usual automatic photo mode is still available and allows you to take shoots with speed and ease. You also have PIP (picture in picture) and panorama mode to capture the stunning landscapes you visit in the most attractive ways.

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