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Speed of light with the PDAF Samsung camera of the UMi Plus

2016-9-14 04:21| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 2503| Comment: 0

Summary: PDAF Samsung camera, Camera samples, take photos at the speed of light

UMi is challenging the speed of light with the PDAF Samsung camera of the UMi Plus!

[Camera shot samples revealed!]

In recent years a lot of camera focusing technologies popped up in smartphone’s world, like laser focus, infrared and many others. However, in order to shoot rapidly and keep everything in focus, there is only one technology which offers the fastest focusing times in real-life scenarios - the so-called Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF).

Samsung Galaxy S5 was the first phone using it. Phase detection is faster and more accurate in focusing on objects, comparing to the traditional “contrast” detection, especially in low-light conditions. The Phase Detection sensor is the one that tells the lens to make proper adjustments, while the image is being captured by the sensor on the back of the camera.

By simple words this means that, thanks to the PDAF Technology of the SAMSUNG® S5K3L8 sensor, you are able to take photos at the speed of light, reducing the possibilities of blurred photos.

The 13MP shooter will be your best companion during everyday’s life. How many times did you want to capture a moment, but you missed it because you had to pull off the smartphone from the pocket, unlock the screen, start the camera app and wait for it to focus?

With UMi Plus, you are ready to shoot in just two seconds from the moment you have your smartphone in hand. That’s because UMi added a shortcut button on the left side of the phone, which by default opens the camera app and thanks to the super fast focusing speed, you are ready to shoot in no time!

But speed is nothing without the right quality of the pictures, that’s why UMi opted for a 2.0 sensor aperture, 5-element lens, Dual ISP processing and dual tone LED Flash to help in dark conditions.

Here you can see two samples of shoots taken with UMi Plus, two very difficult shoots with moving subjects,  almost impossible to get without a fast focusing camera, just judge for yourself!

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