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UMi Plus and iPhone 7 will be released on the same day

2016-9-6 22:24| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 8088| Comment: 10

Summary: IFA 2016, The 179.99$ Smartphone will exceed your expectations!, Samsung camera

IFA 2016: UMi Plus and iPhone 7 will be released on the same day

The 179.99$ Smartphone will exceed your expectations! [Full specs revealed]

September is a month with full of events in the technological world - we have already seen the IFA was going with full steam ahead, with most of the greatest brands announcing their new lineup of products. Now we also know that Apple will unveil their new iPhone 7 in this month.

The Android world is not sitting behind and is ready to counter Apple’s move. For example, the emerging brand UMi has confirmed the release of their latest “budget flagship” on the very same day as iPhone 7, on September 7. UMi claims that their phone doesn’t fear any competition, since it is powerful and well balanced. Let’s have a look at the specs of their new product.

UMi Plus uses the 6000 series of aerospace-level aluminum materials, the screen size is 5.5 inches and it's a Sharp panel with 1920×1080 resolution and a 2.5D arc glass. UMi Plus uses the same position for the fingerprint scanner as iPhone, the sensor has an unlocking speed of just 0.1s. No more frustrations due to lag or bad recognition!

The appearance of the phone looks very promising but the external design alone isn’t enough to make a great phone. That’s why this smartphone uses Helio P10 Octa Core processor, 4GB Samsung RAM memory and 32GB ROM, some perfectly balanced specifications to give the best possible performances for everyone while keeping a small price tag!

The front camera is a 5.0MP unit with GalaxyCore®GC5005 sensor, the rear one is a 13MP shooter with SAMSUNG® 3L8 sensor for fast and accurate shots. The big 4000mAh 4.35V battery supports PE+ fast charging technology, thanks to the USB Type-C port.

In brief, UMi Plus is a metal phone crafted with care and designed to last long, retail price is 219.99 US dollars, but during the pre-sale period it will be sold for 179.99 US Dollars, starting from September 7! It is also possible to purchase the phone on UMi’s website and to participate in a draw by leaving your email address to win (if you are lucky) a Plus for free!


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quote dilip9892 2016-9-10 17:55
bencebacsi: 201g exactly.
means more heavy then umi super but the specs are showing it is thicker n lighter.
can u explain full details sir i m buying from aliexpress
quote bencebacsi 2016-9-9 23:51
dilip9892: 185g  waiting for 70$ off coupon n sale
201g exactly.
quote dilip9892 2016-9-9 15:44
ciccios: what about weight? I can not find it. Thanks

waiting for 70$ off coupon n sale
quote Beatertech 2016-9-8 03:02
UMI if you have any review units available please PM me through the forum, i would love to do a comparison video for my youtube channel. Thanks
quote dilip9892 2016-9-7 19:09
waiting for online sale @179.99$
quote dilip9892 2016-9-7 18:12
camera hope for exlnt n speaker volume should be loud but not like super
quote ciccios 2016-9-7 17:53
what about weight? I can not find it.
quote fanmixco 2016-9-7 13:30
I think it's a good phone, but it doesn't have Android 7 and NFC support (new iPhones have it).

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