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UMi Max at IFA 2016

2016-9-3 11:13| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 5300| Comment: 0

Summary: A complete review of the new budget flagship

UMi Max at IFA 2016

A complete review of the new budget flagship!

Premium materials and symmetrical design, a perfect combination for a gorgeous device.

UMi MAX has a premium metal chassis, which gives an awesome touch and feel experience. It’s so polished and refined, that you'll be completely blown away when holding it for the first time, if you ever used a flagship smartphone before, you already know that pleasant sensation that the quality cold metal gives to the hand. You can tell UMi took great care when thinking about the design of MAX: most of the elements (Camera, Flash LED, Fingerprint Scanner, Microphone, Speaker) are symmetrical, giving an elegant and neat appearance.

In two words: Elegance and Quality!

Vivid colors and high brightness Screen, enjoy every element as they are meant to be watched

UMi Max uses a 5.5 inches Sharp screen with amazingly good viewing angles, colors won’t wash out if you are not in the perfect view angle unlike with lower quality displays. The maximum brightness is high enough to allow the usage without issues under direct sunlight. The brightness will increase automatically, allowing you to use the phone as in any other light condition. The quality 2.5D glass helps bringing a clear image without altering the color reproduction, while helping into getting a comfortable grip at both sides. Under the screen, there is a beautiful pulsing LED circle, which serves as a notification LED.

Accurate 360° fingerprint scanner, unlocking the screen has never been faster.

UMi MAX’s fingerprint recognition is fast and accurate: thanks to the high sensitive 360° sensor, the unlocking success rate is very high. By Being so accurate, the protection of documents, pictures and everything personal is something you shouldn’t worry about.

Helio P10: the perfect mix of performance and energy efficiency

In Antutu, the UMi MAX with the Helio P10 inside scores 45308 points; on Geekbench test, the single-core performance reaches 756 points, higher than both moto x and LG nexus 5; multi-core performance scores 2674 points, more than Oneplus One, with a higher display time than Nexus 5. P10 is 15% more power efficient than MT6752. All these benchmarks transform into a high performance/power consumption ratio, the SoC is able to handle most of the tasks without any issue and to run properly almost all the most demanding games, while keeping reasonable temperatures.


4000mAh Battery, don’t be afraid to use your phone as much as you want

UMi MAX and iPhone 6s were put together into a battery test:

- chatting: 15 minutes

- shooting photos: 15 minutes

- reading E-books: 30 minutes

- playing games: 30 minutes

- browsing Internet: 30 minutes

- playing videos: 30 minutes

- phone calls: 30 minutes

- using Twitter: one hour

- playing music: one hour

After this test, UMi MAX had 50% of battery left, while iPhone 6s only had 35%. It’s not the best idea to have incredible hardware and being afraid of using it because of the insufficient battery capacity.

Summary: Umi MAX has three souls

Max Beauty - premium materials, symmetrical aesthetics. The back metal cover is symmetrical, the camera and fingerprint sensor are symmetrical, the microphone and the speaker are symmetrical...The metal back cover is polished, extremely pleasant to touch and looks elegant.

Max Power - UMi MAX uses the Helio P10 processor, the best solution considering the performance/energy consumption ratio. The SoC can effortlessly complete all the major tasks and can run smoothly most modern games.

Max Battery - UMi MAX uses a 4000mah battery with high quality cells made by Sony. Along with software optimization, you don't need to worry about running out of energy during the day.

UMi MAX has some other interesting features as well, that allows it to stand among the competitors on its price range: 256GB SD support, HiFi+ chip, USB type-c, 7 color pulsing LED, Panasonic 13mpx Camera and even more.  

Learn more here at UMi official website:

UMi Max: Three souls, everything at Maximum!

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