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UMi MAX seizes the opportunity from iPhone’s mistake

2016-8-26 09:20| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 4274| Comment: 0

UMi Max seizes the opportunity from iPhone’s mistake

This phone provides not only flagship-grade hardware but also a 4000mAh, long battery life.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are excellent smartphones but they’re not perfect. A very common problem of all iPhones is the abnormal battery drain.

Although Apple added “Low Power Mode” later to its latest OS, that hasn't brought much improvement, especially when it’s at/below 20% of remaining battery power, when usually it goes dead in less than 1 min.

Not to mention with “Low Power Mode” activated, it reduces the power consumption by turning off email receiving as the most annoying process, and partially decreases the visual effects on screen. A very disappointing user experience.

China phone makers seize the opportunity.

Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo, Huawei, and UMi indent with good price/quality ratio.

UMi Max is the latest flagship model produced by UMi Technologies, features a gigantic battery capacity in the right size, right design with an irresistible price tag of $139.99!

4000mAh beauty

UMi MAX is built of such materials like the iPhone, like the metal unibody with smooth curves for every size of palm. The 2.5D glass screen technology enhances the visual experience. 4000mAH battery is that defines this phone: average users can survive two days of usage.

$139.99 is available for preorder

If look at this price, you probably think it’s a some kind of low specs phone with great battery life.

Nope! UMi MAX actually is one of the high-end model of its brand, coming with MTK's flagship grade CPU, the Helio P10, Octa-core 2.0Ghz, 3GB RAM 16GB ROM, dual SIM and expandable memory slot for more storage by your choice.

Helio P10 is a smart move!

It’s pretty surely a smart move to use a Helio P10 processor for this smartphone since on the market you can find only all the outdated processors with 3GB RAM.


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