Most beautiful UMi Super Euro Edition available now, Only 1,000 pcs

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Summary: Most Beautiful UMi Smartphone ever - UMi Super Euro Edition is available now for shipping, Only 1,000 pcs, shipping has started, Symmetrical aesthetic impressions,

Most Beautiful UMi Smartphone ever - UMi Super Euro Edition is available now for shipping

Only 1,000 pcs!

_MG_9061 拷贝.jpg

UMI presents the Nobles color, that's not even available at iPhone

Since the UMi Super Helio P10 was released, heat continued to rise. With its 4GB RAM, quick charging 4000mAh Sony battery and eye-catching appearance it received numerous praises. In order to give consumers a greater surprise, UMi mobile phone brand has launched the UMi Super Euro Edition, dressed in elegant sapphire blue body color, beauty in contrast compared to the monotonous appearance of the Apple phones.

Really awesome! No, no more waiting, the shipping has started, so it's time to buy it now. You can immediately enjoy this extreme beauty.

_MG_9064 拷贝.jpg

Exquisite designs, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 need praise

After Samsung released the Note 7 coral blue color (better to call it "baby blue"), it amazed everyone. However, when it encounters the UMi super Euro Edition, Samsung GN7 must admit defeat as follows:

1. No elegant, deep sapphire blue color

2. Simple glassy, no metal body texture

We enjoy together the UMi Super Euro Edition's unique design.

UMi Super Euro Edition follows the Super design, metal body with arc design.

Symmetrical aesthetic impressions as follows:

- Camera lens and fingerprint sensor of the same size, symmetrical;

- Three-color uniform to maintain symmetry.

- The next one is the UMi brand logo and on the bottom part of the body the product name and the origin related information is applied by laser engraving technology.

In order to maintain the unity, the UMi Super Euro Edition's metal box are all painted with sapphire blue color. Also the left side of the housing with the multi card slot and smart key, the right side with the power and volume buttons, full of beauty!


OTA updates give you the perfect Google experience

In addition to the stunning and innovative hardware, the UMi Super Euro Edition will push a new OTA update, the UMI_SUPER.V3.02_20160810. The fourth online update makes this product super, it will bring exclusive intelligent power-saving mode. With the 4000mAh Sony lithium polymer battery, this phone will give you more power for listening to music, reading, playing games and many other activities with a great experience!

_MG_9062 拷贝.jpg

A Mercedes-Benz owners are crazy to buy the UMi phone

UMi Super Euro Edition has a stunning addition to the appearance, the unique and outstanding skill: Magnetic Car! UMi Super Euro Edition has a built-in iron plate that makes it easily attachable to a magnetic car holder without applying additional hardware to give you the perfect navigation experience. You can buy the car vent holder here:

UMi Super Euro Edition and Mercedes Sapphire C200L are simply the perfect partners!

Further UMi Super Euro Edition large HD Figure reward:

Noble, elegant, refined, that we give to the reviews of this phone. The UMi Super Euro Edition is a beautiful phone, if you like it, start it now.


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