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Advantages of the Helio P10 in UMi MAX

2016-8-15 07:16| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 2314| Comment: 5

Summary: Advantages of the Helio P10 in UMi MAX, test results, perfect balance of power and availability

Advantages of the Helio P10 in UMi MAX

We all know that Iron Man has superhuman strength, endurance, and the ability to operate a variety of weapons. The MediaTek Helio P10 is like a constantly upgraded Iron Man armor, giving the UMi MAX super phone strength, endurance and more skills, making the phone the jack of all trades -- AND the master of them!

P10 Vs Upgraded Version of the Iron Man Armor


The greatest advantage of the Helio P10 - beside, of course the immense power - is that, it is extremely power efficient. It also supports LTE Cat.6 standards, which means the phone can work on 4G networks almost anywhere in the world. Beside that, the UMi MAX also supports MiraVision 2.0 technology, along with cameras up to 21MP. The TrueBright ISP engine technology allows the SoC to achieve an SNR of up to 110dB. The on-board HiFi audio chip on the P10 offers amazing audio as well.

P10 Vs Quake:


Thor (according to the Nordic mythology) is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning and strength control of storm and lightning but also able to open the door of time and space with his hammer. In other words, Thor is best known for being powerful but at the same time being resourceful as well, what is just like the Helio P10.


It's visible, the Helio P10’s performance test score is the same as at Helio X10 . Its performance is sufficient to meet the daily needs of everyday users!

Furthermore, the Helio P10 is a big leap over the MT6752. These tests show that the Helio P10 MT6755 is way beyond the power of the MT6752. The power consumption is also reduced by at least 15%.

The test results are listed below:

  1. In the same conditions, the screen power consumption of MT6752 is 39mA and Helio P10 is 26mA
  2. While a game is running (Angry Birds game), MT6752 power consumption is 242mA and Helio P10 is 158mA
  3. When playing music, MT6752 power consumption is 33mA, Helio P10 is 26mA
  4. H264 format video playback: MT6752 power consumption is 166mA, Helio P10 is 120mA
  5. H264 format video recording: MT6752 power consumption is 300mA, Helio P10 is just 210mA
  6. While web browsing, MT6752 power consumption is 397mA, Helio P10 is 240mA

As it's pretty evident, the Helio P10 has a much superior performance and power control, making the phone reach a perfect balance of power and availability.

_MG_8939 拷贝.jpg

The good news is that, this excellent chip is used in our latest phone, the UMi MAX. You can learn more about the UMi MAX here:

UMi MAX has an amazing metal build and specs that include: Helio P10 CPU, SONY 4000mAh Big Battery, 13MP Rear Camera, 3GB RAM, HiFi + and USB Type-C. What’s even more exciting is that, this phone now costs just $139.99!


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