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What’s the ‘MAX’ in the UMi MAX

2016-8-11 09:49| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 2850| Comment: 14

Summary: The Story behind UMi MAX,

The Story behind UMi MAX: What’s the ‘MAX’ in the UMi MAX?

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Since officially unveiling the UMi MAX, it has become a hot topic of discussions in the international media and among Android fans. However, many are confused about what the ‘MAX’ in the UMi MAX stands for. We contacted the marketing department for info, and here’s the story behind it:

Product Manager Heaven: “MAX means "maximum" screen size without making the overall device size too large. This is a key to ergonomic design, according to our beliefs here at UMi. UMi MAX gets inspiration from two well-known characters: Hulk, and Popeye. In the sense that the MAX is as powerful as Hulk but at the same time it's as subtle and sharp as Popeye!”

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Marketing Manager Henry: “There are three things worth to mention about the UMi MAX.

Number one: Beauty max; the UMi MAX is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, while being productive in design and function. Emphasis is given to the clean lines and clutter free design.

Number two: Power max; The UMi MAX is equipped with the high-performance MediaTek MT6755 Helio P10 processor, which makes it suitable for playing high-end games such as Asphalt 6, and of course, Pokemon Go!

Number three, Battery max; The UMi MAX uses a hefty 4000mAh battery that is large in capacity but not in size! This allows the phone to get long hours of usage without making a fat and heavy device. Combined with power-saving techniques in software, the UMi MAX is a complete battery beast. It also comes with 256GB microSD support, HiFi + USB Type-C, 7-color breathing light button, and more!”

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We believe now you know why the UMi MAX is called the UMi MAX ;)

As a special offer, you can reserve one right now for $40 off! So, indulge yourself by truly high-end design and engineering, all for not a lot of money!



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Thanks a lot for sharing the story behind the UMI Max . It was really interesting. I think most of the people are ignorant about this and it is good that you shared here so that it would reach everyone.
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you can write the same article about the Umi Super, isn't it?
where is the real difference?
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This is unacceptable reason. I'm not surprise UMI still cannot go far as they expect

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