Five Hours Endurance Test: Iphone 6s and UMi London Who Pass the Test

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Summary: #FiveHoursEndurance, UMi London vs iPhone 6s, 5-hour-long endurance battle, iPhone 6s has 32% remaining power, while the UMi London has 42%

#FiveHoursEndurance: UMi London vs iPhone 6s!

Today we’re going to have a quite interesting battle between two phones that are priced very differently. We'll have a 5-hour-long endurance battle between the very popular iPhone 6s, and our very own UMi London!

With this test our imagination is to find the phone that can best use the potential of its battery. In this case, the test is designed to represent the everyday activity of an average user. You can see the detailed list of tests below.

Specifically, here are the five hours of the following components:

  1. Playing music - 1 hour

  2. Browse social media (Twitter and Facebook) - 1 hour each, a total of 2 hours

  3. Play games - 30 minutes

  4. Read books - 30 minutes

  5. Web browsing - 30 minutes

  6. Watching local video - 30 minutes

  7. Talk on phone - 30 minutes

  8. Chat - 15 minutes

  9. Taking Photos - 15 minutes

= a total of exactly 5 hours.

Through five hours of standard tests we were able to discover a phone's battery life. The criteria of a 5-hour-long standard test is not a hard and fast rules, but generally we believe that, if a phone has over 40% battery capacity after five hours, it is excellent; if it has 20-40%, it's average, and if below 20%, it is a poorly optimized phone.

After a lot of preparatory work, our technical expert Tom began a rigorous testing and real-time video recording. An informative video clip has been published now for everyone, where you can clearly see the entire process on both phones side by side. Have a look at the video here:

Ultimately, we get our results after five hours of usage. The iPhone 6s has 32% remaining power, while the UMi London has 42%. Quite obviously, the iPhone 6s has been defeated in this round of duel!

This also seems to be expected but the 1715mAh battery capacity of the iPhone 6s lost against the 2050mAh of UMi London.

But here’s what you need to know: The UMi London is priced at only $59.99, making it extremely affordable. It has a very rigid body, ergonomic design and an elegant appearance. You probably should buy it already! ;)

For further information please check the following site:

_MG_7943 拷贝.jpg


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quote LisaKahn 2019-12-21 21:56
That's amazing comparizon of iphone 6s with Umi rome X but I think iPhone 6s is better then it as compared to it's performance. I'm highly interest to buy the iPhone 6s phone because I've plan to change in this week which I'll be using ( in order to complete the task. Keep it up!
quote rizwanali8744 2019-10-17 17:07
This also seems to be expected but the 1715mAh battery capacity of the iPhone 6s lost against the 2050mAh of UMi London.
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quote REYNER0227 2016-8-18 09:18
i think that the umi London is the next brother of umi romeX but, the umi rome X that i have dont have and dont work as Umi promess and all the marketing they pay, probably as this "contest" between the iphone6s and the London, is wasted money
remember that we are the persons that believe in your products and the marketing never will give you more clients/money/customers take the one that you preffer tan us.
please and i talk in name of a lot of persons
take care of your already customers
and work in the Umi Rome X
quote loco026 2016-8-12 03:13
why not also optimize all your phones, and focus more on customer care.
quote ciccios 2016-8-11 15:37
Umi now  has to demonstrate how it plans to take care of its customers Only.

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