UMi Super - By far the best flagship phone from UMi, here’s why

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Summary: By far the best flagship phone from UMi, designed for football/soccer fans, Pristine Blue finish, custom engraved

UMi Super - By far the best flagship phone from UMi, here’s why

Premium Powerful Fast


Through years of its existence on the full of competitors smartphone market, UMi has strived to be the leader at providing the best value for money to its buyers. Every now and then, we go beyond just being a regular run-of-the-mill smartphone company and try to go that extra mile for our fans.

UMi Super integrates 9 leading supplier brands for each major component. Look at the figure:


The UMi Super is our finest achievement yet. We strived to blend art and technology, design and engineering, all in one exquisite piece of art that we call the UMi Super. The ergonomic design is something the UMi Super takes seriously -- it’s made for your hands.

The Super has some interesting features, aim to enhance the user experience: Microarray 3D fingerprint sensor, Custom button, Smart key, 7-color Skylight notification. Know more:

The specs remain top notch - there’s a 5.5-inch full HD (1920 x 1080p) IPS display (from SHARP), with the polished MediaTek MT6755 Helio P10 processor, 4GB of RAM (sourced from Samsung), strong 4000mAh battery (from SONY) for long hours of talking, web browsing, game and media playing. For you camera stuffs we ship the UMi Super with a 13 MP Panasonic sensor and a 5 MP front camera for unlimited selfies. All of these inside a metal-clad unibody design! UMi Super is dedicated to be exceptionally designed to offer a flagship-grade performance but for an affordable price.


Find out more about UMi Super:

After realizing the interest around our phone, and going through the demographics of UMi users, we decided to put together the UMi Super Euro Edition. What’s special? It’s a phone designed for football/soccer fans. It fuses the cold metal of the UMi Super with a Pristine Blue finish, making the UMi Super Euro Edition a phone that will stand out from the crowd.


Moreover, we’re giving buyers of the limited Euro Edition a chance to get the phone custom engraved. That's not a chance you get everyday, so take it seriously!

Here’s what media outlets feel about the UMi Super.

“If you’re a power user, you’ll definitely want to pick up the UMi SUPER, for the battery life and processing power alone. Even if you’re not a power user, the UMi SUPER offers tremendous value for the money you’ll spend on it.” - Android Headlines

“Even Pokemon Go can’t kill the UMi’s battery!” - Zi Jin Cheng

“Do I recommend the UMi Super?? Yes, absolutely!” - Review Hub

“One such diamond in the rough is the UMi Super” - Androidauthority

“Look no further than UMi, a chinese manufacturer making impressively-spec’d phones for not much money” - XDA

“Expand your mobile repertoire with this “4GB flagship killer” ” - Engadget

“UMi is notable for construction materials and hardware components one wouldn’t except to see at their low price tiers” - Phonearena

“UMi Super: Top hardware at an unbeatable price” - Androidpit


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quote Jeremiah662 2019-3-25 20:11
This phone has an amazing look and perfect features. I think I can buy it for every kind of purpose. The share a video which you watch if you want to buy.
quote Tihomir 2017-7-14 02:27
bad brend the UMI is make joke with Bayer never again nothing named UMI
quote Ferns 2017-2-22 09:38
I had bought 2 UMI SUPER phones, one in November 2016 and one in December 2016. The one from December 2016 worked only for 2 weeks and then took 10 to 15 hours to charge the 50% battery.  i returned that for refund as it was within 45 days warranty.  The one from November was charging from 50% battery life in one hour until now.  This week, after 3 months of usage find it takes 6 to 7 hours to charge.   Have not used GPS, However the photos are better than my Blackberry Q10.
I have upgraded to Android 7 and have no major issues other than to clear Cache on some of the apps.
Would like UMI to resolve battery issues asap. Thanks
In life we get what we pay for.  $ 800 IPhone Vs $ 200 UMI.  I prefer UMI with minor problems.
I do not mind even replacing my returned phone with another UMI if they give me a 25 % rebate on the new phone.
Any comments from UMI?????
quote Gordie59 2016-8-28 16:48
Well I bought the super umi and its been great love the style and look somewhat like an I phone with android capabilities. I like the battery ever lasting nice big screen swipe access works well good easy functions I,ve had a Samsung for years and this rig just kills it. Only issue I had was connecting too my PC but sent the software for this ROOTJOY once install ya good too go. Thanks umi for a great phone at a good price .
quote drorsm 2016-8-21 03:31
The "Super" is full of bugs
The GPS jumps - can't use it
very very disappointing - don't throw your money to the garbage !!!
quote SUPER-USER 2016-8-12 16:09
"By far the best flagship phone from UMi."
If that's all what UMi can offer, then good night.
The UMi Super is far away from being a flagship killer.
With this bad camera, bad LTE reception and GPS problems UMi is far behind its competitors.
There is still a lot to do.
UMi, show us that you are able to actually build a flagship killer.
Hopefully the support for UMi Super is not adjusted after the appearance of UMi Max.

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