Pokemon Go on the UMi Super Euro Edition

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Summary: Pokemon Go on the UMi Super Euro Edition!, Can’t get better than this

Can’t get better than this: Pokemon Go on the UMi Super Euro Edition!


When was the last time the internet world went crazy over something that had been around for a while? Well, right now! You guessed right, Pokémon Go is the latest fad that’s taken over the world in a matter of days.

We thought of putting up a video showing how well our new smartphone (and the best by far), the UMi Super handles the game. As you’ll notice, catching Pokémon isn’t very difficult on the UMi Super!

Another thing that's noteworthy in the video is the handset itself. What we used was the new and limited UMi Super Euro Edition, which is a delight in itself. You can go ahead and watch the video here

Please keep in mind, only 1000 pieces of the Euro Edition UMi Super will be made available and only for subscribers (you can subscribe here - The specs sheet of the Euro Edition is the same as the standard UMi Super:

  • SHARP® 2.5D Sunlight screen 5.5-inch

  • Mediatek flagship-grade CPU - Helio P10 MT6755


  • Panasonic® 13MP Camera

  • SONY® 4000mAh, PE+ Quick Charge


  • Google® Android 6.0

UMi Super Snap Deal!

Get the UMi Super for $199.99 & with 3x Super Gifts!

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Period: July 18th -31st



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This is the good one for keeping our smartphone safe. I am also eager to get one.
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quote vedantydv123 2018-10-1 16:43
For make your mood good this game is batter for the user because here when user start this game. This game make to him happy.
quote solpur 2016-8-7 17:24
That is a joke!
My UMI Super shows roundabout 60% of the playing time at Pokomon Go the wrong GPS position. Even worse it looses every 3 to 5 minutes the GPS signal. And that in a land scape where there is no big house or tree that could interfere with the signal.
And the app “advanced task killer” reports all the time that the CPU is lagging. And that comes with nearly every app that you use on this phone.

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