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Say hello to the UMi Super Euro Edition in Royal Blue!

2016-7-14 20:30| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 3594| Comment: 18

Summary: Say hello to UMi Super Euro Edition in Royal Blue!,

Say hello to UMi Super Euro Edition in Royal Blue!

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Shenzhen, 14th July 2016: The smartphone maker UMi revealed the UMi Super Euro Edition a few days earlier. The UMi Super Euro Edition is inspired by commemoration of the event of the 2016 Football Euro Cup, and demanded by the votes of over 230,000 users. It's the company's way to say "we care about" every wish of its fans!

The UMi Super Euro Edition pushes away the standards and rather comes in a Royal Blue color that doesn't only gives it a fresh aura but also makes it look like something that every design connoisseur would appreciate.

Cold metal combined with Royal Blue - It can't get any better! If that wasn't enough, UMi's Super in its Euro Edition will also let you engrave your words. Practically it allows you to write whatever you want on the phone as a gift to your friends, your love or just for yourself. Cherry on the cake!

Subscription is required if you want to purchase one. Only 1000 pieces worldwide! Hurry up!

Subscribe here:

We would like to take this opportunity to share some real-life shots of the UMi Super with you. Notice the spectacular design, the smooth curves and visualize the immense engineering prowess that has gone into making this visually appealing and intensely powerful smartphone.

Which one is your favorite?

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Since UMi doesn't have an official license, the company mentions this fact just casually. UMi only produced 999 of the limited-edition smartphone and offered them to pre-registered users via a lottery.
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The UMi Super Euro Edition in Royal Blue sounds like a great way to commemorate the 2016 Football Euro Cup and celebrate the fans who supported the brand. It will be exciting to see how the new edition performs in the market and how fans react to it.
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The UMi Super Euro Edition pushes away the standards and rather comes in a Royal Blue color that doesn't only gives it a fresh aura but also makes it look like something that every design connoisseur would appreciate.
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