2016 best blazing-fast charge smartphone

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Summary: 2016 best blazing-fast charge smart phone, Which will be your Mr. Right?

2016 best blazing-fast charge smart phone

Which will be your Mr. Right?


Waiting for your phone to get charged is a thing of the past.

Nowadays the battery must be designed for accepting an ultra fast charge with keeping its good condition.

Read on for our collection of 5 most popular quick charging smartphones, and choose which one you really need.

The list of candidates

UMi Super


Xiaomi 5

Samsung galaxy S7 edge

OnePlus 3

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Charging time

The first thing you'll take account is the charging time.

According to the official data, to get a full recharge, all these 5 devices take around 1 hour.

However, beside the charging current the charging time lies on another factor as well: the battery capacity.

Battery capacity and life

OPPO R9  2850mAh

Xiaomi 5  3000mAh

Samsung galaxy S7 edge 3600mAh

OnePlus 3 3000mAh

UMi Super 4000mAh

Reportedly, these handsets can keep the charge for different times. Most of them can take a whole day for using. However, theoretically the more capacity the longer working time. Actually we think UMi Super can promise more.

Charging port

Type-C is the general standard of high-end handsets. The latest UMi Super, OnePlus3 and Xiaomi5 adapt type-C, while the rest like Samsung take the ordinary charging port.


If you are willing to spend a 2-times higher amount (over $400), OnePlus 3 might be a good choice.

But in the sub $200 range you can get a still very good device like UMi Super, that also comes with a good experience.

Now you already can subscribe on our website to know more details about UMi Super.

Relevant pictures:


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Samsung galaxy S7 edge

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OnePlus 3



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quote katewick 2019-6-28 18:44
I used this phone, it was good to view  Political News visit
quote Ferns 2017-2-24 02:21
UMI Super quick charge worked only for a few days.  After that would take 10 to 15 hours to charge from 10% to 100%. Even worse battery drain with Android 7.   The battery drains from 30% to zero % within 5 minutes without even using.  I am looking for a 2nd phone for my wife.  Will never buy a UMI again.
quote udareaniket 2016-7-11 13:52
Umi super obviously.
quote bumthimble 2016-7-8 01:32
galaxy s7 edge is 3600 mah but i still prefer UMI Super :)

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