UMi LONDON: An inspiration by London Tower Bridge

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Summary: UMi LONDON: Inspiration by Tower Bridge, Solid but Beautiful, Inspired by London


UMi LONDON: An inspiration by London Tower Bridge

Solid but Beautiful

Inspired by London

As a big screen smartphone is being developed, we expect it to be tough enough for a long run. However, its disappointing if the final product doesn't combine the tenacity with a fashionable design.

When the UMi team traveled to London, we were amazed by the Tower Bridge opened more than 120 years ago by the Prince of Wales. UMi team hopes the next smartphone can be as strong as the Tower Bridge with a such spectacular appearance, so we've given the name UMi London" to our next model.


Design for solidity

In terms of the frame, the Tower Bridge uses more than 11,000 tons of steel provided the framework for the Towers and Walkways. That inspired UMi’s product manager to use dual protection and stable 3M frame suspension to ensure the survival of a 1.5m drop.


Gorgeous to the eye and feels pleasant hands

We spent a long time on perfecting the curves of UMi London. We melted dual-glass with such precision that makes the curved metal alloy to create an exquisitely seamless and strong unibody structure. Not only for solidity but for feeling comfortable in hands.

This framework is just like the Tower Bridge that uses stone to protect the underlying steelwork and to give the Bridge a more pleasing appearance.



So, UMi London is an eye-pleasing, rugged reliability choice for you!

Know more:

Pre-order UMi London starting from $59.99 here:


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