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UMi Super reached 20 thousand subscribers and sold like hotcakes

2016-7-1 10:22| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 5225| Comment: 109

Summary: UMi Super reached 20-thousand subscribers

UMi Super has reached 20 thousand subscribers and is being sold like hotcakes

According to the official figures, that was expected to see the number of subscribers of UMi Super will reach 20 thousand in a month. Why is it being sold so well? After getting through the list of messages, we chose five people who told some stories about why UMi Super was their choice.


June, 27-year-old student”Latest hardware but astonishingly cheap .

The UMi Super is one of 2016’s high-end devices, but it definitely places itself in the affordable range. This is a powerful premium handset equipped with flagship beating specs available for less than half of the price of the Samsung Galaxy.


Michael (31), explorer: ”The biggest battery I've ever had.”

When I'm looking for a new smartphone, the long life battery, that can serve me through the whole day is the most important over all. Umi Super packs a 4000mAh battery with PE quick charging technology that can charge the device from 0 to 50 in 30 minutes, Its really fantastic when you are in a rush to get outside.

用户4 软件升级体验.png

Abbey (25), teacher: “It doesn't look cheap with metal.”

The UMi Super has an all-new sexy “space tech” aluminium unibody design.

A kind of slimness with even high capacity 4000mAh battery that matches the build quality of Samsung or Apple smartphones.

用户 外观.png

Mike (21), student: ”Exporing pure android 6.0 Marshmallow.”

Without buying such expensive Google phones like the Nexus series, UMi Super shows what the “pure” Android looks like. It makes me look like a real geek among friends.

Iris (22), worker: ”It has a great camera.”

The UMi Super features a 13MP rear facing camera which is tuned for better low light captures, An 8MP front camera is also available for better selfies.

用户5 系统和软件体验.png

黑色 熄屏2.jpg

Now you already can subscribe on the website to win a regular UMi Super for free as well as some UMi VR headsets. Try your luck today here.

Beside the flagship UMi Super, UMi launches the toughest Rugged phone - UMi London, which combines a dual glass protection technology with super stylish design. For furhter details about UMi London check this page:


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