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UMi Super tear-down video

2016-6-30 06:06| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 5030| Comment: 23

Summary: UMi Super tear-down video, repairable design, high quality components

UMi Super tear-down video

reveals a surprisingly repairable design

Since UMi Super was launched, its work of art design and outstanding performance has been captivated its fans.  

This UMi offers premium hardware specs in a cut-price device but you're curious about whether the designers had to cut corners somewhere inside to make it possible.

So, today here is a video about how to disassemble the UMi Super.



After removing almost all screws, this video illustrates how to remove the module that contains the charging port, the 13MP back camera made by Panasonic and presents the 4000mAh Sony battery with PE quick charging function. Good news, that fragile port can be easily replaced in case of something goes wrong.


Now you already can subscribe on the website to win a free UMi Super as well as a UMi VR headset. Try your luck today here.

Beside the flagship UMi Super, UMi launches a tough rugged phone - UMi London, which combines dual glass protection technology with super stylish design. For further details about UMi London check here:

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Bad Camera due bad software. Read forum before buying the phone.
quote Jcezar17 2016-7-9 12:10
seeing this video I realize that there is only one loudspeaker , which would explain the low power of sound! disappointed with the sound of my Umi Super .

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