UMi Super Champion Edition Crowdfunding Vote now!

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Summary: UMi Super Champion Edition Crowdfunding. Cooperating with kickstarter. Golden EURO2016 logo. The cover's color is royal blue. Vote for your favorite team to win.

UMi Super Champion Edition Crowdfunding!

Vote for your Champion

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After UMi announced the UMi Super EURO2016 Edition last week, UMi fans showed particular interest and proposed to launch a Champion Edition.

To respond to the huge demand of fans, UMi is likely intend to crowdfund UMi Super EURO2016 Champion Edition, cooperating with kickstarter, one of the crowdfunding leaders in America.

If you look at the leaked picture, you’ll notice some unique specialties of the UMi EURO2016 Limited Edition.

First, this customized edition comes with a golden EURO2016 logo on its back.

Secondly, the cover's color is royal blue.

As the smartphone is customized, the packing box is also redesigned in gold and blue.

When releasing the Champion Edition, we will apply the national flag of the final Champion as a decoration. If the project successfully starts and finishes funding, the products will be delivered as soon as UMi can. We are waiting for further details from the official.

Which country do you think will be the champion of EURO2016? Vote for your favorite!

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As far as regards to the specifications, they are exactly the same as the UMi Super regular version which is priced at $179.99. The smartphone is powered by a MediaTek Helio P10 processor coupled with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage, coming with a 5.5-inch Full HD display and using a 4000mAh battery from Sony with PE+ fast charging.

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quote alanabui1 2020-3-26 16:56
I think it is a good idea, I have thought of it but not as detailed as you.
quote AllanRobin 2019-12-11 18:23
We amazed using the evaluation a person designed to get this to specific submit amazing. Fantastic exercise!
quote phamyen 2019-10-21 11:40
Great post. hope to read more posts from you. Visit for interesting online games.
quote annbeils 2019-4-10 21:30
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quote storage 2016-7-5 22:20
quote ciccios 2016-7-1 22:49
Winner will be Belgium, best player Hazard.
quote Rapidadi 2016-7-1 14:33
Germany is Going to Win ofcourse.... This is Absolutely Great from UMi .... The SUPER Euro Edition ....Hope I get it.... UMi....Plss
quote mcenoura 2016-6-30 19:17
Its very Super in Umi blue color
quote Sartika 2016-6-29 20:41
Go Iceland. Blue like this Umi Super Special Edition!
quote FreierMensch 2016-6-29 18:59
I hope Germany, because I am from Germany  :-)
quote pocok74 2016-6-29 17:02
The biggest Heroes's trophy to Hungary !!!!!
quote x1r5 2016-6-29 16:50
i go for spain
quote martinam24 2016-6-29 14:06
My favorite of course is Italy!!!
quote Mennel 2016-6-29 06:08
The umi could make an Umi Super with the winner of Euro2016. Like Portugal for example :) Cristiano Ronaldo;)
quote FilLis310 2016-6-29 01:49
My favorite - Germany!
quote acsa83 2016-6-28 19:21
well, I don't really see the purpose of such a limited edition, about Euro Cup... but it's nice to see UMI is very dynamic and tries to offer customers something different and unique.
quote shafi 2016-6-28 15:35
The Umi Super euro is designed for super champions like me with its super specifications and looks. It looks super in this blue color. I wish i could have this limited edition as i will be in this world only for a limited time. Soo good to see it.

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